Tell us how Christmas is celebrated in your town and you can win £100 to spend in Marks & Spencer



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Christmas is coming, and based on the great success of last year’s competition, we are back to help you get your home ready for Christmas.

At s1homes we are proud of our knowledge of Scotland, but we don’t know everything, and that’s why we would like you to tell us how Christmas is celebrated in your town, village or neighbourhood.

We’d love to hear about the Christmas traditions in your town and you could win one of the three £100 Marks & Spencer vouchers we’re giving away.

Think about all the things you could do with £100 Marks & Spencer vouchers, like buying new Christmas decorations or all the ingredients for Christmas dinner. You could even make a dent in that long list of Christmas presents.

To enter, all you have to do is share the Christmas traditions in your town or neighbourhood (don’t forget to tell us where do you live!) by commenting on this blog post.

To post a comment you’ll need to give us your name and email plus your comment, and once it is approved by our little Christmas elves, it will be shown below.

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122 Responses to “Tell us how Christmas is celebrated in your town and you can win £100 to spend in Marks & Spencer”

  1. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire is a Royal Burgh older than Glasgow we have many tradition from the annual Christmas Light Switch on to the Rutherglen Christmas Craft Fair and also a Pantomime held in our wonderful town hall

  2. Pauline Murray says:

    We have just recently moved into a brand new house and estate in Bailleston and already the houses on the estate are being decorated so it looks like something from an American movie set!

  3. Sarah Smith says:

    In Lochgelly Scotland, We have the Christmas Lights up and the Large Christmas tree in the center of the town. There is also a Santa that is there so the kids can visit him. Very Christmassy

  4. Úna Lydon says:

    We recently moved to South Queensferry, Edinburgh and have a new arrival. Our little guy is 5 weeks old, and last night we strolled down to the village to see the “switching on of the lights”. Every year in South Queensferry they make a huge deal of this event, with local choirs, a brass band, local schools performing on a stage in the high street and santa even pays a visit in his sleigh. My husband and I are giddy… Christmas is so much more fun when you have a baby! The tree will be going up early this year!

  5. Lorraine Smith says:

    I grew up in Port Glasgow, a small coastal town but my goodness it always looked like a Christmas card image. When I was wee I remember the year the council had a moving Tom and Jerry lights display in the centre,and that’s going back almost 40 years. Our little town made Christmas magical for many families who often had little.

  6. Eve Nicol says:

    Christmas isn’t Christmas in Glasgow without a visit to the traditional markets for a tasty treat, warming glass of festive cheer or a unique festive gift.

    This year the Christmas Markets return to George Square and St Enoch Square offering a wide selection of festive gifts and delicious street food. A warm and welcoming bar will add to the festive atmosphere, offering up a selection of beverages for all to enjoy.

    The George Square market has the traditional carousel, the iconic Big Wheel and a whole host of family focused street entertainment such as the santa dash.

    Theres always lots of traditional things to do at Christmas, but nothing beats quality time with family and friends or the cozy nights in avoiding the freezing cold weather.

  7. Ana Cláudia Nunes says:

    In Portugal the Christmas dinner is at 24 of December. We try to be with the family. We eat cod or turkey and we have a special cake, bolo rei. He talk all night and share the life events. Eventually, there’s some fights too xD but we love each other ❤️

  8. Ashley says:

    Knightswood Glasgow

  9. Linzi McQuillan says:

    We live in East Kilbride and love seeing santa in his grotto at the ek shopping centre. Each year we make cookies and leave out milk and carrots for santa and his reindeer… I wrap books up in Christmas paper and each night my daughter Jessica opens a magical story up before bedtime. We make our own Christmas cards and we Iove heading into Glasgow to see the magical markets and exciting adventures to be had

  10. s1homes says:

    Hello Ashley, can you tell us a little bit about your Christmas traditions? Thanks!

  11. Sarahann Tonner says:

    In Glasgow, we have the lights at George Sq, the Christmas market at St Enoch and the beautiful lights at Buchanan we all know and love. But what I really lover about Christmas in Glasgow are the events happening that are not quite as well known, but are incredibly special and bring a lot of Christmas cheer.

    I love the Christmas market which takes place in Rutherglen Town Hall, the Say it Ain’t Sew Christmas classes which are completely free and open to everyone (next week is Elf week, I’m there!) and the beautiful Milngavie Makers Market which is a treasure trove of handmade Christmas goodies found in Scotland. With Christmas songs playing and mulled wine flowing, it’s one of my favourite ways to throw myself head first into the festive season!

  12. Eilidh McManus says:

    I live in Oban and Christmas here is gorgeous! A view of snow-dusted Islands marks the end of the busy tourist season…and the town goes quiet. Christmas begins with a community-run Winter Festival, which includes a Christmas lights switch on, the reindeer parade, ceilidhs, children’s fairs, and a Christmas market with Hot toddies from Oban Distillery! It’s pure magic!

  13. Suzie Wilder says:

    Loads of things go on in Norwich. But they have a wonderful display every year called the ‘Tunnel of Lights’ – its beautiful, you walk into it and the lights go on as you walk!

    We just love the simple celebrations, local carol concerts etc

  14. Shanice says:

    Our tradition is visiting family in England as I live in Glasgow and we all sit round the table and enjoy our roast dinner and watch lots of movies and see family and friends. Unfortunately this year we can not go so it will be just me and my two girls having a family dinner and watching cartoons all cosy on the sofa

  15. Ashley says:

    Our traditions are going to George’s Square to watch the Christmas light switch on and to see all the fabulous fireworks, Visiting the Christmas markets and having some mulled wine and cheeses and some hot chocolate and churros for the kids. Visiting Santa at his winter wonderland Grotto and going to watch a festive pantomime at the Kings theatre and of course the best part putting up the Christmas tree and decorating with lots of sparkly tinsel and lights.

  16. Jacqueline says:

    I’m from Kirkwall, the capital of the Orkney Islands. Although I’ve moved down to Glasgow now, I return home for a couple of weeks each winter. The tradition we celebrate on Christmas day is a game called ‘The Ba’. It involves two teams of boys and men (the Uppies and the Doonies) who are pitted against each other in a battle to get a leather ball to one of two locations at either side of the town. It begins on the main high street outside Saint Magnus Cathedral where shops have been barricaded with wooden planks to protect the windows. The struggle can last hours, with the ball often disappearing, only to emerge suddenly from the crowd and cause a scuffle. Fortunately, nearby cafes open to provide the excited onlookers with warming tea and bacon rolls. The team who get the ball to their set point first achieve victory and choose a winner from amongst themselves, who keeps the ball as a trophy.

  17. laura miller says:

    larkhall southlanarkshire have a christmas fayre with stalls and dance shows with some hot food and santa and his reindeers its great for the kids and also the lights get switched on aswell we all pull together to make it special

  18. Susan Samson says:

    In Glasgow we celebrate Christmas with markets, parades and light switch ons. The city is sprinkled with happiness and cheer as everyone prepares for Santa Claus.

  19. Sharon Lena Lawson says:

    I Live in the Gorbals area of Glasgow! I’ve lived here all 28 years of my life. What i love about Christmas time here, is that everyone enjoys the festive period together. The christmas light switch on at Crown street is always a very happy occasion, everyone has their cups of tea,coffee and everyone just has a good time, laughing and sharing stories, Remembers those who are no longer with us, Mingling with people you don’t really talk to but Christmas is about being happy and sharing the festive cheer and that’s exactly what you get here in the Gorbals. Everyone comes together! #Unity #Cheer #Warmth

  20. Kathryn MacKinnon Cook says:

    We live right in the centre of Edinburgh and love having so many nearby opportunities to celebrate the festive season.

    In the run up we love going to the museum to join crafting sessions, wandering into town to look at the Dome lights & hanging out at the lighting if the Tollcross tree.

    We always hope to get to the Kings Panto or Scottish Ballet and on Christmas Eve we go to the Filmhouse, Cameo or Dominion as a family to enjoy a classic before a toddy.

    Christmas Day is spent eating and wandering the meadows with the dog so fingers crossed for snow this year!!!

  21. Sarah Downs says:

    I live in Edinburgh and regularly visit winter wonderland with my family, it looks so magical! I take my daughter to the ice rink and after we enjoy a hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts.

  22. Kirsty Connor says:

    I live near Giffnock and we have a Christmas Lights Switch on Festival every year! It’s brilliant and usually includes singers, circus performers, cheerleaders, fair ground rides and ofcourse Santa. It’s a great family day out! And there’s even fireworks at the end!

  23. Brenda Marie says:

    With Festive cheer and a few beers,
    A little frost at no cost!
    Christmas lights on the high street,
    Walking all day, now rest the feet!
    Bothwell at Christmas is a delight,
    Until the big day I bid you good night!

  24. Eilidh Williamson-brown says:

    Our wee village of Waterside, Kirkintilloch, thanks to a lovely wee team of people, not only at Christmas but throughout the year plans events and upgrades to the village. This Christmas they have reinstated the village Christmas tree, are having a light switch on with carol singing kiddies, candle lit lanterns and Christmas wish baubles! Aside from this they are in the midst of rehearsing for a panto (local kids!) and today having a Christmas Market! A smashing wee village to live in! All credit to the events team and residents ⛄️

  25. Wanda says:

    We gather together, all the big family, cook together then eat huge christmas dinner together that is made out of 12 dishes. After dinner we share wishes with each other and then clean up. Then we drink wine and eat home made cakes and sweets waiting for santa. One of the members of family dress up as santa. To get a gift from santa you must either sing, dance, say a poem, do some exercises. After that we unpack gifts, play games, talk, watch Christmas movies etc

  26. our tradition every Christmas is to visit family in England as we live in Glasgow. we always wake up early and watch the kids open their presents, watch lots of Christmas cartoons/movies and then go to my grandparents house for a nice family dinner. this year we can not go unfortunately so it will be me and my girls all cosied up on the couch with our Christmas pjs on watching movies and having dinner at home. then we will celebrate later in the night with their dad as he has to work Christmas day.

  27. Claire Maclean says:

    Inverness is magical at Christmas! The riverside looks beautiful with twinkling lights, Santa switches on the illuminations & there’s 2 huge Christmas trees outside the stunning newly refurbished town house. Today, the children & I did an ‘elf on the shelf’ hunt in the victorian market. It was great fun looking for cheeky elves in the shop windows and finished up with a lovely festive gingerbread latte!

  28. Danielle M says:

    In Nottingham, there is a Christmas market with lots of stalls and also an outdoor ice rink. Though one of my favourite celebrations is when Jangle the office elf arrives for mischief and festivities.

  29. Pauline Allison says:

    In the Scottish Borders,where I live,in Peebles-mostly all the local towns have a big Christmas Lights Switch-On. In Peebles we have our switch-on this Thursday evening. There will be stalls,music,bands playing,and of course Santa will be making an appearance too.

  30. Ligia Denisa Cimpean says:

    In Cluj-Napoca, Romania, we put decoration everywhere, inside, outside house, we make a lot of lovely food, cakes, a traditional food called sarmale, and we (families) gather at grandparents house (from church) have a nice meal together, then we begin our adventurous trip to relatives, friends, that usually are alone for Christmas or can’t move (because they are elders) and we are singing carols together. This is lasting the whole night. Then, in the morning, we are coming home, sleeping for some hours, and we are ready for a new day caroling! We celebrate Christmas 3 days and in these days we also are visiting each other! It’s so nice!

  31. Jamielee Brown says:

    I spend christmas in my house every year. My family from Glasgow come over for dinner also. Christmas time is always amazing over at mine. My sons first Christmas this year also can’t wait to see my kids faces on Christmas Day.

  32. sharon harley says:

    i live in Port Glasgow, we have some beautiful lights and very welcoming with a large tree,, we also have beacon centre in Greenock for panto and some fine dinning beside the water,,,

  33. Sharon Lena Lawson says:

    Gorbals – Glasgow
    I Love Christmas in the Gorbals because its the one time of year where everyone pulls together to help those less fortunate, we all gather round the Christmas tree when the lights get switched on with our cups of tea and sing our christmas songs. The local schools get together and perform Christmas carols which brings everyone together as most of us have kids in these schools. Even if some of us wouldn’t usually get together its great that we have a fanstasic community spirit. I myself was in the middle of a large fire in waddell court high rise flats in 2009 where almost 7 houses where either on fire or severely damaged due to smoke and water. During that time i had never felt so humbled by the kindness and generosity of the people around me. No one was left without help from our local buissness and the people of the Gorbals. And i will always thank them dearly from the bottom of my heart. I would not have got through such a horrific time if it hadnt been for the kindness of my community. my little girl was only under a year old at the time and things could have been very different. Thank you Gorbals community

  34. Susan martin says:

    Our village Dairsie, Fife is very small. On Xmas eve we have a Carol service in the church at 8om and afterwards a get together with all the residents. We have coffee, mulled wine and mince pies. Small and quite time of year and celebration that match our village.

  35. Karen mccormack says:

    We have our Xmas light switch on in our centres in cumbernauld with grottos for the kids to go see santa, there are lots of Xmas fairs etc that happen and then we have our own local theatre who always put on a fab show of their very own panto

  36. Kirsty Nisbet says:

    Our neighbour spends ages decorating a small Scots Pine tree on the communal corner grassed area with giant baubles and this year he’s put solar fairy lights on it aswell. It looks amazing – so if lucky I’d like to give the vouchers to him for giving up his spare time to make our neighbourhood so Christmassy. He’s never asked anyone to contribute to the cost of the decorations and this would be a kind way to reimburse him and to say thank you. We stay in Perth, Scotland.

  37. Jenni P says:

    Christmas in the Highlands is lovely. Lights switch ons with the local pipe bands and Highland dancers, snow on the ben and village Christmas parties for the kids. Perfect.

  38. Nicola Gilmour says:

    Normally, since it’s my birthday, my family father in the morning to open Christmas presents that we have given to each other. Then in the afternoon we celebrate my birthday. After Christmas dinner we normally have some birthday cake then play some games (while eating my annual tub of pringles from my stocking) last year my love have pneumonia and this year we are moving just after Christmas. Next year we will one to look forward to

  39. Lynsey says:

    I’m very proud that Edinburgh is hosting the Big Sleep Out to raise money to eradicate homelessness. Its terrible that this is required but i hope it becomes a tradition until people no longer need to sleep rough at Christmas.

  40. Amanda Mcneice says:

    Clarkston Christmas light switch on
    Has been and gone
    Stalls for mums to buy a gift
    Hot mulled wine to give dad a lift
    An array of toys
    For girls and boys
    It’s off to see Santa we go
    Ho Ho Ho
    One last trip on the merry-go-round
    Then it’s homeward bound
    Thank you we’ve had a ball
    Merry Christmas one and all x

  41. Gillian Hutchison says:

    I like in Perth, the local community of the area in Perth have put up lights and there is a switching on ceremony later this week

  42. Ken Banks says:

    Leaving some homemade reindeer food (complete with glitter) outside the front door is a favourite with the children – and with Rudolph too of course!

  43. adelle gow says:

    we have loads of christmas fayres, markets, the light switch on, pantomines, nativiaties, parties and loads of charity events.

  44. s1homes says:

    Thanks Ken! Can you let us know where you live so we know where the traditions come from? Good luck!

  45. s1homes says:

    Thanks Adelle! Can you let us know where you live so we know where the traditions come from? Good luck!

  46. s1homes says:

    Thanks Nicola! Can you let us know where you live so we know where the traditions come from? Good luck!

  47. Christina Curtis says:

    Calne, Wiltshire we have a Christmas festival with the light switch on. Lots of Festive fun for the Whole Family.

  48. V mill says:

    We all have eggnog and Christmas drinks with the neighbours on the 23rd….the kids are all excited and us adults need some chillout time and light refreshments!

  49. Mrs Cameron says:

    In Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, we have the usual Christmas light switch on on the Main Street. And in my street we all have our houses colourfully decorated on the outside but everyone tends to keep themselves to themselves. I wish my street had more of a sense of community.

  50. Kerry Thomson says:

    In Edinburgh we have the German market, lots of rides and a big wheel. We also have a skating rink and ice sculptures in George Street.

  51. Gordon says:

    In Kirkcaldy, we make sure the Doctor Who Christmas special is taped on the Sky box, so my partner (who is a nurse) can watch it when she comes home.

  52. Tonight I have the pleasure and absolute joy of the build up to Christmas which is going to my 5 year old son’s Christmas concert at school. The kids at Wishaw Academy have worked so hard at preparing for their concert. I am soooo excited to see them all perform to Christmas related things:-)

  53. Michael Willis says:

    We have lived in the shadow of Stirling Castle for the last 30 years but despite this great Scottish setting we always celebrate on the 5th December because this is a half Dutch household. This is St Nicholas Day and the grandchildren are allowed to put their shoe out in the evening for St Nicholas to fill with presents. They have to be good children and are very careful to behave well in the weeks leading up to this visit by St Nicholas.

  54. Tina Lord says:

    I’m from Laurel Street, in Glasgow and we have a few traditions, one is Elf on the shelf who visits every December, another is Christmas Eve boxes for the kids including pjs, dvd, sweets etc. Love this time of year xx

  55. Gary Maclean says:

    Muirtown area of Inverness, Christmas is celebrated by having good friends & neighbours, looking after each other with just a smile that says it all.
    Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year to all.

  56. William Mckinnon says:

    Where I live in Glasgow Dumbarton Road does not really have a traditional Christmas celebration but in my home I like to keep it warm and secure so myself and my family can enjoy a good Christmas with a meal and watch some festive movies and have a great time with each other

  57. Matthew burns says:

    I live in Kilsyth near cumbernauld. Christmas I celebrated here at our local church. Carol singing and activities for the children. Tis the season to be jolly, celebrating King Jesus’s birth. merry Christmas S1 jobs in partnership with Marks and Spencer’s.

  58. Kirsteen Begley says:

    I am from a wee town called Greenock and from the middle of November people has there Christmas trees & decorations up but although I am a single mum to 3 young kids I am a tradational 12 days before & 12 days after christmas kinda gal. Lol. Although last year the kids got elf of the shelf and same this year haha and also a santa cam, and we always go to the christmas panto. Mummy always gets a day out in Glasgow to the Christmas markets and a wee hot winter cider. I would spend this £100 on stuff for my kids but I also go to my local elim church that work with homeless people amd people in poverty so I would buy stuff and give it to them after all Christmas is all about giving. GOD BLESS

  59. Scott oag says:

    Edinburgh, very famous for German Market and Ice rink. Last year there was Huge light show along Street which were set to various types of music, which ran for two weeks. But main festivities are Hogmany, which is world renowned.


  60. Daniel Bradford says:

    We celebrate in Killingworth, Tyneside by eating too much and falling asleep early in front of the TV.

  61. ALASTER says:

    We live in STRATHAVEN AND XMAS IS ALWAYS A SPECIAL TIME.The lights in the town the funday for the children when the reindeer take over the common green,the shops open and the pubs even take part sellingraffle tickets to pay for the reindeer and santa,s visit,
    XMAS COMES to the bowling green the golf club and all the childrens organisations ,brownies ,cubs,bb.THEwhole town is alive throughout xmas how does Santa manage it?

  62. Steven Waton says:

    I’m from Glasgow, we have the Christmas markets at St Enoch and George squares. We have the beautiful lights from Buchanan street through royal exchange square. Every year have to have the ice skating right by the beautiful Christmas tree outside the city chambers. Then home for a warm cooked meal in front of the fire with the family.

  63. John Park says:

    In Prestwick we now have a Christmas lights switch on which in the last couple of years has become a big event with stalls, rides and a stage with music acts. Great for the local shops and cafes.

  64. Jill mcphee says:

    Santa comes round on his sleigh and he gives the kids sweets and collects money for local children.

  65. Julie sumners says:

    We have two traditions the first is we buy one new christmas decoration each year and we take it in turns to pick. The second tradition is that as close to christmas eve as we can myself and my 2 boys go to edinburgh and have dinner just the three of us and see the lights and the market because its what we the three muskateers do to celebrate the year thats about to end.

  66. Kara Cameron says:

    I used to always spend it with family. However, this year I face it alone as my Mother passed away over 11 years ago and my Father just over a year ago. Last year one of my neighbours was nice enough to ask me to join them but this year I will probably be alone as I don’t have children and am divorced.

  67. Felicity Fulwood says:

    I grew up in Lancashire but since moving to glasgow this time of year seems more festive from the colourful shopping streets and the market and celebrations in George Square to the nice brightly lit and decorated houses around the suburbs means a bright fun loving time of year

  68. Emma says:

    Staying indoors with family! Glass of Baileys in front of the fire with films on like Elf and Grinch from 10am onwards! Nothing better on Christmas day ☺️ Then an evening of roast dinner with all the trimmings and board games with our family ❤️

    We have a boxing day tradition of everyone gathering in a small nearby town called Burghead, Moray and jumping off the pier into the freezing cold sea wearing various funny outfits for charity then everyone heads to the local pub to warm up

  69. I Live in Edinburgh we have a christmas market and other christmas events going on even a ice skating ring,Edinburgh is buzzing over the xmas season.


  70. Sangeet Vedhera says:

    We have all the family around, different food for the vegetarian and non vegetarian.
    The kids play games and open presents.

  71. Rick says:

    Falkirk-Xmas lights on town steeple

  72. i want to enter the prize draw , i live in galashiels , lovely part of scottish borders , at christmas i help out the local crisis centre to give food to the homeless and poverty stricken.

  73. Gina rose says:

    I say in the heart of paisley . Scotland’s largest town , we celebrate Christmas This year with a winter festival including an ice rink and rides along with stalls serving hot food and drink ,

  74. Lucy says:

    I moved to Duncow kirkmahoe in Dumfries and Galloway two years ago. Every year there is traditional carol singing around the village and money is raised for charity.

  75. Amy says:

    We are strict on the 12 days before and 12 days after for the Christmas declarations! All the family on Christmas morning have to wait until everyone in the household is awake before opening presents.

    We go then straight up to nanas house where all the family gather and spend time to also remember the ones that aren’t with us.

  76. Gretel says:

    We wake up early, and open presents with the kids, then go to church at the cathedral where the Christmas choir is simply amazing. Have lunch home, play and dance to Christmas music, maybe visit friends/family merry Christmas and at 3pm at inlaws for dinner till bed time.

  77. Stuart Gartland says:

    Troon has a town wide secret Santa… folk donate gifts to get given out to kids.

  78. Wendy says:

    it’s a vegan festive season in Glasgow – we don’t even kill trees to parade in our homes.
    Lights are sparkling in our streets, candles will burn in our windows (some for Hanukkah, others Christmas, others Yultide, so on). We still do traditional tangerines and coal in stockings by the fire. Presents are few and practical. It’s all very festive and fun.

  79. Chloe Trainer says:

    We like to go out for dinner and then go to the cinema on Christmas Eve. The wee one also gets a Christmas Eve box with jammies, a teddy and a Christmas story :)

    We live in Ayr, Scotland!

  80. Lisette A. Davidson says:

    In Nairn, in the North East of Scotland, we have had lovely candlelight processions with all the schoolchildren, then leading to the grand switching on of the beautiful Christmas town lights – so stunning!

  81. Irene Smith says:

    I’m a single mum, it’s just me and my 4 year old daughter…it wasn’t our choice to be a family of 2 but we are making the most of it. This is our second year in our home in Stonehaven so we are making traditions, we have written our Santa letters and the local round table have been round the neighbourhood with Santa and the elves and lots of the houses are beautifully decorated. I remember the excitement when I was a little girl of going out to the woods to pick a Christmas tree from the forestry commission so I took that as our 1st tradition. We decorate it together and Mia puts the star and angel on top. Mia has an advent stocking which has little pockets on it and I fill with bits n bobs not all sweets for her to count down to the big day, then hopefully if she has been a good girl Santa fills with little nic naks and leaves one main present. Santa left her a Christmas card last year saying she was a little bit naughty and had to try harder this year…I think there will be another similar message. Christmas Eve we go to our Christingle service which is beautiful with carols and bell ringing. Then once home the special Christmas box containing Santa’s magic key for my daughter to hide, some oats, a carrot and an apple for the reindeer and a homemade cookie or mince pie for Santa. Then it’s bedtime, and ‘Twas the night before Christmas tale. I am trying to make fond memories for my little girl so she knows she is special too. It broke my heart recently to hear her say your only special if you have a mummy and a daddy… so if I can keep making Christmas a magical time for us I will be happy x

  82. Jennifer Beattie says:

    I’ve been on my own since mum died in 2011, so I don’t do much celebrating around Christmas apart from attending a couple of church services (Watchnight and Christmas Day), then go to a friend’s house for dinner and a bit of a chat. This year marks a decade since my dad died – he was a Presbyterian minister, and would still expect me to attend at least one church service over the period.

  83. Jennifer Beattie says:

    I’ve lived in Jordanhill since 2011, and love my neighbourhood to bits. I like to keep things traditional at Christmas, attending both a Watchnight and a Christmas Day service in the two churches not very far from my flat. This year marks a decade since my dad died (he was a Presbyterian minister), and as a rule I don’t like all the commercialism surrounding the Christmas period today. What I’ll be doing is attend one church for Watchnight, the other for Christmas Day, then it’s round to a friend’s house for Christmas Dinner for some chatter and quality time with her dog!

  84. Jennifer Beattie says:

    Hello Jacqueline,
    I haven’t been to Kirkwall myself but my parents lived there in the early years of their marriage. Dad used to be a minister around the islands, and when I was young they used to tell me all about the ‘Ba’ Game’ – Mum used to be one of the ladies who helped to organise the tea and rolls! We never got to go back as a family but it’s very much on my wish list to visit the Orkney Islands. Have a great festive season.

  85. Lyndsey Beck says:

    Bonnybridge, Scotland is a small little town so we don’t have a light switch on but we do have a carol service and Father Christmas visits the streets too.

  86. Fiona MacIntyre says:

    I live in Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire and locally there are lots of events organised by churches such as bedtime stories with santa, carol singing etc. Nearby in Strathaven there is reindeer day (this coming weekend) which is always amazing for the kids :)

    As a family we decorate fairly early and then have some traditions such as elf on the shelf and a book advent calendar

  87. Craig Halliday says:

    In Larkhall, We have the Christmas Lights up along the Main Street in the centre of the town. Christmas Eve boxes for the kids with new pjs & chocolates.

  88. Suzanne Aicken says:

    Opening a present on Christmas eve which are pyjamas so when Santa visits you are in new Christmas Pjs for the occasion

  89. Sharon O'Donnell says:

    Motherwell loves to party at Christmas! We have lots of usual events like the switching on of the lights, Christmas fayres, Santa at M&Ds theme park and the panto season at the Civic Centre. There are loads of places to go for festive eating and parties and at least 4 pubs with karaoke for a good old Scottish sing-along :) Fun festive times :)

  90. HY Tsang says:

    In Helensburgh, we would go together to Colqhoun Square to see the town tree, lights and decorations. We visit the local independent shops and small businesses, admiring the decorations. Wrapped up warm, we walk along the sea front, greeting passers-by, whether town residents or visitors. The local schools usually hold a carol concert. We tend to do a huge food shop to last us for a week, and spend a lot of time at home. We swap cards and gifts with our neighbours on either side and directly opposite us.

  91. Claire Brown says:

    In Edinburgh the whole center of town is lit up. There are sparkling white lights in the trees along Princes Street Gardens and the Christmas market is constantly jostling with people getting mulled wine, beautiful crafts and treats covered in chocolate. There is also the ice skating rink and fairground rides. The big wheel takes people up for a spin to see the city all sparkling. It’s very cold but worth it for the views.

  92. Cara Wright says:

    Our favourite tradition is making a gingerbread house for santa on Christmas Eve and our annual Christmas trip to aviemore my daughter thinks the steam train we go in is the polar express melts my heart every year

  93. Theresa W says:

    I grew up in a remote island in the Philippines and we traditionally have our Christmas dinner on the eve of Christmas just as it strikes 12 midnight and it’s called ‘Noche buena’ . Glazed ham is traditionally on the table. This is after hearing mass at church with the family. Now living in Scotland, and can see how beautifully it is celebrated here too. No matter where you are, it’s always the most wonderful feeling, spending quality time with the family on Christmas. It’s just magic.

  94. Lauren O'Hare says:

    I’m from Stirling! Every Christmas Eve we get to open 1 present at 9pm. I’ve done this for the last 20+ Years! Makes the family come together early so I love it ☺️

  95. Linda says:

    Christmas is amazing in Perth. Fantastic light switch on event with ice sculptures, reindeer,camels, lovely independent shops. Then Christmas Eve is always carols in St. John’s Kirk, meeting pals in the pub, unwinding after the craziest work month of the year then home for Santa! (And normally still wrapping presents till midnight)

  96. I just love Christmas it is a time to spend with family and friends it is also a time to think about the families who are less fortunate than ourselves this year we will have Christmas dinner on the 24th as I am a mental Health nursing assistant and I will be working this year to try and make our elderly patients and relatives also have a wonderful Christmas

    Merry Christmas

  97. My tradition for Christmas is to spend as much time with my family as I just love this time of year we will be having.our dinner on the 24th of December this year so I would like to say merry Christmas to everyone and to think of the less fortunate families at this time.
    Also I will be working this year as I am a mental health nursing assistant and me and my colleagues will be trying to make our elderly patients and families have a wonderful Christmas as well
    Merry Christmas

  98. Laura Thom says:

    I live in Aberdeen Scotland and Christmas in Aberdeen just gets bigger and better here every year. We have lights that go the length of the Main Street meeting at a huge fir Christmas tree at the top. There’s a SANTA parade which everyone turns out to see that parades the length of them. There’s the light switch on. Santa and his reindeer come for a visit here too. There’s a Christmas Market and a Christmas fair ground which is a huge draw – lovely food and mulled wine, unique Christmas gifts, exciting rides for young and old and there’s even an ice rink too. There’s a German style bar and eatery too outside one of the main shopping centres, there’s a snow globe you can go in to get your pictures taken. And all the malls look amazing with their fantastic decorations. It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  99. Ekta sharma says:

    In Edinburgh we celebrate in style we have a fantastic Christmas market on with Winter Wonderland for the kids and adults. Everyone has there tree up plenty food and drink.
    We always try and do some charity’ work like help serve food at homeless or give to the local food bank

  100. stuart flynn says:

    I live in a small village called darvel in ayrshire i spend xmas and new year working in the hospital double shifts but its great to try brng some sort of xmas cheer to others , ive got this xmas off will be a normal traditional wee xmas open prezzies steak pie in trimmings followed by a good few drinks with family in house
    [[[ merry xmas to all let it be a good one]]

  101. Lizbeth Thomson says:

    West Kilbride, Ayrshire has a Yule Night on the first Friday in December and it is great! All the shops are generous with food , drink, chocolates and discounts! Lots for the children to do with Santa, stalls, games rides etc and every shop open. A brilliant night!

  102. Frances Crane says:

    Christmas in Inverness is beautiful.
    The switching on of the lights is a great family friendly event with a torchlight procession, pipe band dressed in festive costumes and Santa turns on the lights.
    One of the local parks is turned into a Winter Wonderland one weekend with Santa and his reindeer. Best part is it’s all free to attend!

  103. Desiree Atkinson says:

    Putting up the old,cardboard Nativity scene (on it’s last legs,like myself…)

  104. Hi

    This year it will be just a quiet one for me and my son as we have had a recent family bereavement, the funeral is on Friday so it has been a hard couple of weeks for us all.
    Hopefully, after Friday we can try and get back to some kind of normality but it won’t be easy on Christmas day for our family. My Dad loves M & S biscuits especially, so it would be great to win and buy some treats for him.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

    Thank you. xxx

  105. Paul says:

    This year was not perfect for me but I do hope that the New Year will bring happiness and new job and perfect time for me without bullying at work and in my life

  106. Stuart Stevenson says:

    As kids we used to spend Christmas Eve writing our letters to santa asking him for gifts we wanted. The coal fire was always roaring and we would throw our letters on the fire and watched in amazement as they burned – we always wondered how that could Reach Santa but they always did! We would then get a plate of mince pies, a carrot and a wee dram ready to leave out for santa – they had always vanished by morning! Finally we were always allowed to open one present before going to bed – it was normally a tin of quality street given by a neighbour. grampian tv weather always did a santas weather forecast too which was pretty cool!

  107. Kevin says:

    We just love walking around town on a dark cold night having a wander through the Christmas markets

  108. Drew Burnett says:

    We always have the house lit up like the Griswalds from the Christmas vacation movie. The rest of the street is tame compared to us and there is no need for street lights in our street during the month of December thanks to our lights. The international space station could see us!!!!!

  109. Christine Miller says:

    for christmas we have a big christmas dinner with a joint of meat of any particular kind and we watch christmas movies all day


    Our traditions are to decorate our tree together watching the same Christmas film that we have watched for over 20 years. Everyone recites the jokes word for word. On Christmas morning we meet in the hall in our PJ’s and someone has to check that Santa has been before we are allowed as a family to enter the living room.

  111. Elaine Cowie says:

    We’re not religious but didn’t want to miss out on the whole presents and gluttony malarkey so we now celebrate Chris-mas, where we pick a different celebrity called Chris each year to venerate.

    This year, it’s the turn of Chris Tarrant to perch atop our Chris-mas tree as we indulge in some festive flan flinging, with the St Winifred’s School Choir cover of the Tiswas theme playing in the background.

    Merry Chris-mas everyone!


  112. Ingrid Robertson says:

    I am from Port Glasgow in our town we have Christmas lights switching on nights in both port Glasgow and Greenock. There are loads of activities for kids and family’s fetes markets,school nativity plays and also a Very extraordinary fine woman has offered to open her Restaurant so the 50 people who would normally be alone on Christmas Day will be fed a 3 course meal free of course as local businesses have donated food non alcoholic drinks to ensure that they won’t be alone on Christmas Day what a FANTASTIC gesture she works at 134 Cathcart Steak House Greenock

  113. Yu Ru Chng says:

    I’ve been a student studying in Edinburgh for a few months over a year now. Last Christmas my family made a 15 hour journey to Edinburgh to celebrate Christmas together. We strolled the Christmas markets and went around Scotland for a road trip. This year unfortunately they would not be here but with the friends I have, I’m just as grateful for having them to celebrate with.

  114. david says:

    in Patna we have a local man who dresses up as Santa and comes round on his sleigh on Xmas eve which brings joy to all the young children!

  115. Julie says:

    In Paisley we have Santa coming through the town centre to meet the kids with hi reindeer before the Christmas light switch on. Magical to watch the kids faces!

  116. Emma says:

    Glasgow loves Christmas time,
    the whole city in decoration
    Visit the markets, drink mulled wine
    and watch the big wheel go in rotation

    Within George square you’ll find it all
    food, gifts, the carousel.
    The helter skelter towering tall
    oh, and the lights as well!

    The best thing about Glasgow though
    throughout the festive season
    is that it’s people always seem to show
    kindess with no rhyme or reason.

    Gathering donations, collecting food,
    people tend to come together,
    trying their best to do some good,
    even if it’s just stopping for a blether

    I hope you’ve enjoyed my silly rhyme
    and that you pick me as your winner
    because this season is the perfect time
    for food from M and S for dinner ☺

  117. Lindsey Lyons says:

    We have a great neighbourhood in Edinburgh. The residents on our street go over to our local pub a few nights before Christmas with the dogs. We exchange secret little helper gifts for the dogs and enjoy some festive drinks! And at new year we have a street party with karaoke!

  118. Gemma laird says:

    glasgow celebrates with the Christmass light switch on in the city centre with loads of fireworks, it was great!! We also have German Christmas markets selling loads of great things and an ice rink

  119. Sophie says:

    I live in Edinburgh during university term time and me and my flatmates cook a Christmas dinner. We play Christmas music as well as opening our Secret Santa presents before heading home to our families.

  120. Sacha Morgan says:

    In Edinburgh at Christmas, there’s so much to see!
    For foodies and craters, it’s the best place to be!
    Take a walk through the market to give your senses a treat, there’s so much to do, hear, see and eat!
    There’s the smell of pumpkin spiced waffles and freshly cut pine. Sample the wonders of the Christmas mulled wine.
    Get lost in the Christmas tree maze which sparkles of red, green and gold. Don’t forget to wrap cosy to protect you from cold.
    There’s a giant advent calendar, ice rink and carousel in Princess Street gardens where our families dwell.
    We look up to the Mound to the beautiful tree, bringing back memories of the child in me.
    We stand here now with our own children in hand, feeling nostalgic in our magical land.
    We’re blessed with a beautiful city all the year round but Christmas time in Edinburgh, there’s something special to be found.

  121. Andrew Corbin says:

    Our traditions include the decorations going up at the start of December, a chocolate advent calendar, and some fun Christmas characters who come out of storage to join us through to the end of the first week of the New Year.

    Living nearby, it’s really nice to go and see the Christmas lights in Peebles High Street – a pretty mixture of classic white designs combined with coloured lights along the shop fronts.

    Merry Chrismas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year everyone!

  122. Anna says:

    The tradition in Poland is to start celebrations on Christmas Eve as soon as the 1st star appears on the sky. People gather around the table for a special meal full of fish, no other meat allowed, but before they sit own they share a unique type of bread only baked for this one evening of the year. While sharing it personally with each and every guest, they say some wishes to each other. Happy Christmas everyone!!!!

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