The best ways to move home


Many people say moving home is one of life’s biggest causes of stress but we don’t believe it!

At s1homes we believe in making moving easy-peasy and stress free.

So let’s explore the best options for arranging your big day.


Hire a company to do everything

Before choosing your removal firm, get at least three written and VAT-inclusive quotes from reputable companies. Even better, use the power of personal recommendations to find the very best.

Facts to consider include how long they’ve been in business and whether they can provide you with references.

What to look out for:

Is professional packing of all your stuff part of the quote?

Will their van be able to access your new property?

Does your deal include insurance cover against loss or breakages?

Can you cancel or postpone? Sometimes moving dates change at the last minute.


Hire a van and do it yourself

As well as bringing your driver’s licence, for proof of identity remember to bring with you an ID (a passport is perfect) and two official headed letters with your name and address, such as utility bills.

Before packing the van label the boxes so that you know what’s fragile and what should be packed last and unpacked first.

Don’t get left stuck in a stairwell holding a super-heavy sofa. Some furniture may not fit into your new property, so measure up first. And, if you have any doubts, consider dismantling and reassembling items of furniture.

Finally, don’t be shy about asking your friends to help out. It’s amazing what the promise of a post-move takeaway and drinks can do for motivation.

What to look out for:

Will the rental van be able to access your new property? First measure the driveway entrance, parking area and turning space.

Check the rental agreement small print, especially regarding mileage and wear and tear.

Point out to the rental company rep – and take photos of – any dings or scratches before driving off.


Rent temporary storage space

Many movers make the mistake of thinking everything must be done and dusted in just one day. But there’s nothing more likely to cause stress than giving yourself an impossible deadline.

Renting temporary storage space allows you to move furniture, white goods and boxes of stuff gradually and at your own pace.

This also gives you more time to plan where everything’s going rather than shifting everything around for days on end after you first move in.

What to look out for:

Make sure the storage space is registered and secure.

It should be dry and free of any dampness so that your treasured items and furniture don’t get mouldy.


Ready to get going? Excellent! Let’s get a move on with all the latest properties to rent or buy on s1homes.

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