Top five tips for choosing a flatmate

Choosing the right flatmate can be a challenge, so we’ve compiled five top tips to help make it a bit easier.

1.    Meet and interview all flatmates before they move in

You don’t have to be best friends with your flatmates but you do need to be able to at least tolerate people you are going to be living with. It’s important to know things like; if they smoke, how often they are likely to have people over and how they feel about having pets in the house.

2.    Make sure your lifestyles are compatible

If you work shifts and have an usual sleep pattern then you don’t want to live with someone who works from home and is likely to disturb you. Similarly, if you’re an early to bed type, someone who stays up late with the TV blaring is not going to be your ideal flatmate.

3.    Be honest

It’s important to set expectations from the start. Be upfront about the fact that you’re a neat freak, or that you don’t like people taking your personally labelled food – it’ll save a lot of arguments and resentment in the long run if you all know what to expect.

4.     Talk money

Money can be an uncomfortable topic, but it is an inevitable one when it comes to sharing a home. It’s not personal so discuss how the bills and costs will be split so everyone is clear about their responsibilities.

5.    Be open-minded

You can do all your research and question prospective flatmates relentlessly but, ultimately, there is a leap of faith involved – even with close friends. Until you live with these people, you’ll not know how it’s going to go. So, give it a chance, you might even make lifelong friends.

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