Welcome to the future home

Remote home control system on a digital tablet.

Less than a decade ago, the notion of speaking to your house was the stuff of science fiction . . . or of nightmares from too much late night cheese.

But recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and smart connectivity now means walls really do have ears. And they’re waiting for your instructions.

So, whether you’re looking to buy a dream house or rent a top property from s1homes, these are just some of the best hi-tech attractions to look out for.


The Living Room

Once upon a time the only tech in here was the telly. In 2019, however, as we move closer to the full integration of smart home devices, the living room will be the nerve centre for the way homes operate.

Voice-operated artificial intelligence will be used to control everything from home entertainment to the security of doors and windows, while heating and energy can be monitored . . . all from the comfort of your living room armchair.


The Bedroom

In the future home there’s more to getting a good night’s sleep than plumping up your pillows.

Sleep trackers use sensors to measure how we move and breathe during the night and adjust the bed accordingly.

And for those of us who find it tempting to hit the snooze button on Monday mornings, how about a gentle wake-up with the smart aromatherapy alarm clock?

Sensing when you’ve reached your sleep cycle’s lightest point, this releases a wake-up scent of your choice: fresh coffee for us!


The Kitchen

Today’s smart refrigerators not only add items to your online shopping list when they are close to running out, they reduce food waste by flagging up fruit and veg that’s about to go out of date.

Some can even send cooking instructions to your microwave or oven.

If this wasn’t enough, the latest 3D printers are able to create intricately shaped pasta: super-fancy farfalle, anyone?


The Bathroom

Forget the three-piece, avocado bathrooms of yesteryear. Today we all want a genuine ‘spa experience’ and this means hi-tech hot tubs, smart showers and integrated entertainment systems. There are even waterproof touchscreens for smart TVs that double as mirrors.

And you may have tried aromatherapy but what about chromatherapy? This is when the bath uses underwater coloured lights to enhance your mood. Apparently purple is perfect for extra relaxation.


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