What a home needs…according to our followers

Over the past few weeks we held a competition on our Facebook page giving 3 of our followers £100 each to spend in IKEA. Entering the competition was so easy, we asked our followers to share with us the new pieces of furniture that their house needed, those old pieces they want to get rid of or the finishes touches that their new home was desperately needing. We’ve had such a good response that we thought we’d share some of the most popular requested items.

By far the most popular request was for a bed! Especially for the ones who have moved recently to a new house and they were sleeping on inflatable mattresses or on a sofa-bed. Another reason a bed was important was for growing children moving from a cot to a bed, or just because it was time to give the bedroom a makeover.

Modern stylish bedroom

The second most popular request was for a much- needed sofa. Some people didn’t even have one or others had been trying to change it for more than 15 years. Others had theirs destroyed by their pets or just wanted an extra one to lie down on!

Living room of modern home

We also had requests for things that IKEA don’t even sell, like TVs!

It would surprise you how many people wanted a coffee or dining table just to spruce up a little corner in the house, or because they were still eating on top of boxes, or because the one they had was so old that it wobbled a bit.

 Flower vase & coffee cup on wooden table with couch background / lifestlye & home decoration conceptual

New arrivals was another reason an IKEA voucher was much wanted.  With a new family member some simple changes to make it baby safe or the “big sister’s room” needed to be transformed for the new baby brother.

Place for sleep, study and workout

And we also heard from people that needed pretty much everything for their house. From a wardrobe to kitchen utilities, an armchair or storage space, anything would be perfect for them.

With £100 you can’t buy the whole of IKEA but we hope it’s been a good start for the lucky winners to make their houses more homely.

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