What we learned from property week on The Apprentice

Sales-interview-smallThis week on The Apprentice, the candidates competing for a partnership deal with Lord Alan Sugar, were tasked with selling property in London. They had to prove their enthusiasm and passion to the property developers to be given the chance to sell the properties to the market. Both teams had two developments to sell – one high-end with apartments up to £1.5m and the other mid-range (for London) at £320,000 and compete to earn the highest sales and commission. It quickly became apparent that it’s not an easy job, or one that can be learned in two days!


Aside from being entertaining viewing on a Wednesday night, the show demonstrated the importance of knowing the market and product inside out. Different from the usual tasks of selling perfume or odd job services, the high price tag, not to mention the emotional investment of property, makes the job of the Estate Agent or Sales Representative so important to both buyer and seller. It’s key to have all the necessary information available when meeting with potential buyers. A good agent will know facts like typical prices in the area, service charges for the building, development completion dates and layout of the property. Despite Lord Sugar’s criticism, it’s also important to know the little things, like the distance to the local chippy. And the experts won’t make mistakes like calling the bidet a ‘hot tub!’


Similarly, buyers should have research behind them before going to a viewing to make the most of the appointment and know what questions that they want to ask. If buying off-plan, as they were in The Apprentice, it’s important to understand the buying process for new build homes and take advantage of opportunities to visit a show home – a point they completely missed in the show!


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