What’s top of your property wishlist?

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Buying a home, no matter the size, is the biggest financial decision anyone can make in their lifetime and finding the one that is right for you is essential. So it’s no wonder that the majority of buyers have a wishlist when searching for their new home, full of things they need the property to have.

Items on the list can vary from the number of bedrooms, location, outdoor space and even the age of the property. Some are non-negotiable whilst others are just nice things to have.

So what things are high on the property wishlists for Scots looking to make their move this year? We’ve had a look at the top properties viewed at s1homes.com so far this year to see what is ticking the boxes of Scottish home buyers in 2021.

Original features

With over 6,000 page views so far this year, the top viewed property on the site is a 2-bedroom flat in the heart of Glasgow in the Merchant City. And whilst its location could be a big factor in its popularity, we can guarantee its stunning interior is also a huge part of why it has been viewed so many times. Urban industrial styling is a huge trend at the moment for interiors with black matt metal becoming the go-to for shelving, cupboard handles and lighting. This flat is packed with those trends, with beautiful, exposed brick and sandstone walls and pillars, mixing original traditional features with hardwearing furnishings.

Another popular property on the site with almost 2,000 views is a church in Biggar that has been converted into two contemporary homes packed with unique features including lovingly restored original stained-glass windows. The windows take centre stage in the open-plan, full height living area allowing for maximum light and space.

Finding a property with original features like exposed brickwork, wooden floors and original windows can add value to your home in the long run if restored professionally and with care. Of course, it can be expensive to do so, but worth the investment to make your home truly unique.

Scenic surroundings

Featuring very heavy in the top properties viewed on s1homes so far this year are those that are located either in rural areas or ones that have amazing scenic views, from houses on the waterfront, elevated villas or cosy cottages surrounded by fields of green. After over a year of being confined to our homes, Scots are aspiring to escape to the country for their own little piece of safe haven and picking up cute little cottages around Scotland. And it’s not big expensive properties either, a 2-bedroom cottage in Ayr for offers over £100,000 has already had over 4,000 online views so far. Surrounded by country views, mature gardens, and extensive lawn, it is only 4 miles from Ayr town centre so close enough to the amenities and socialising too.

The second most viewed property may not offer the same amount of outdoor space but does offer some of the best panoramic views of the River Clyde. The property itself is built over 3 levels providing plenty of private space indoors, lots of driveway space for parking and even its own pool. There’s plenty of decking area to allow the owners to enjoy the views all day long.

A fixer-upper

It’s not a surprise that current home seekers are looking for properties that they can put their own stamp on. Fixer-uppers have always been popular, especially with younger buyers and those looking for their first property but who don’t have a large budget. Ex-local authority properties across Scotland can be picked up for less than £100,000 for 2 to 3 bedrooms which are perfect for those looking to take their first step onto the property ladder. And it’s not just ex-local authority properties that need a little TLC. Classic tenement flats and large sandstone townhouses with their large rooms and high ceilings hold onto their property value and when properly restored and modernised can grow in value.

Not only are Scots looking for a property project but also one that hits another point on the wishlist is somewhere with views and plenty of land. One highly viewed property on the site is a 2-bedroom terraced house in Larkhall for less than £100,000 which has plenty of potential for a first-time buyer. Another popular property is a 4-bedroom detached cottage in Cromarty for less than £200,000. Needing extensive refurbishment but comes with just over an acre of land and unspoilt views of Cromarty Firth.

No matter what features high on your property wishlist, you’ll find your perfect property at s1homes.com

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