Winter home décor accessories – for less

Gray knitted blanket from merino wool

Winter is the perfect season to enjoy cosy time at home. To inspire you with home décor, we’ve put together a list of our favourite accessories to warm up your home and that are purse-friendly after all the money spent at Christmas!

A soft blanket

We all have blankets at home, of course, but maybe it’s time to change and buy a new one? Our recommendation is to go for one in neutral tones (grey or white are perfect) and if you can find a woollen knit that would be a winner, but faux-fur are just as nice. They will be loved by everyone especially your pet!

knitted fabric background

cute pug puppy dog lying down yawning on fuzzy blanket

A hot water bottle

To warm up your bed there is nothing better than a hot water bottle. You can find them in most homeware shops and you can change its cover to adapt to the season, from Christmas to Valentines.

Red hot-water bottles on a bed.


Hot Water Bottle

A fluffy rug

We all love socks, but how good is it to walk barefoot at home on a fluffy rug? Again, grey and white are the best colours for winter, and if you want to make your home even cosier, a sheepskin texture can’t go wrong (faux fur of course!).


carpet on parquet

Beautiful white sheepskin isolated on white background. Warm carpet.



With these décor ideas, we’re sure you won’t want to go outside!

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