Iconic Scottish castle could become Lego kit

Iconic Scottish castle could become Lego kit
Lego donan

IT is one of Scotland's most recognisable castles and the backdrop for Hollywood films such as Highlander to The World is Not Enough.

But now the iconic Eilean Donan could become the first Scottish castle to be made into a Lego set after a fan-made version was put up for official recognition from the company.

The plastic brick-built version has been rising rapidly up the charts on the Lego Ideas website, a portal run by the company which allows fans to have their creations considered for production.

So far, more than 1,900 people are backing the plan - although the project needs 10,000 supporters to be one of those reviewed by Lego's designers.

But it is hoped that many more will come on board, with more than a year left to vote before the deadline is reached.

The idea has caught the imagination of staff at the castle, in Kyle of Lochalsh, who are encouraging visitors to give it their backing.

Castlekeeper David Win said: "It's a fantastic idea and if it became a Lego set I can guarantee it would be a huge seller in our gift shop.

"The model which has been made is impressive enough, but we'd actually like to see a bigger set made, although that's down to the designers, of course.

"It's not been on the Lego Ideas site for long and is already attracting interest. Since we started to feature it we've been contacted by people around the globe who would like to see the set become a reality."

Two years ago schoolboy Luke Ball from Kilmarnock tried to get his own Lego replica of a CalMac ferry through the Lego Ideas process, and for a while it was one of the site's most popular designs.

However, in the end it only attracted 3,000 supporters and was not considered.

The Lego Eilean Donan would be part of the toy company's 'Architecture' range, which already features iconic buildings such as the Burj Khalifa in Saudi Arabia, and the Trevi Fountain in Rome.


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