Stay home, switch and save with Utility Saving Expert

Stay home, switch and save with Utility Saving Expert
Stay home, switch and save with Utility Saving Expert

Staying home can save you money. You won't be spending your cash on your commute, on eating out or going to the pub whilst in lockdown, but that's not all. There are other ways you can be savvy with your spending and find ways to save.

Although you need to stay within your household, you don't need to stay with the same provider for your household bills. Make the most of your time at home by comparing and switching energy supplier to save money. Guaranteed to find you the best deals, Utility Saving Expert supports customers to make financial savings through its free online comparison tool, making switching simple.

5 steps for comparing, switching and saving money

Even if you are usually careful about the amount of gas and electricity you use, you'll likely be using more than normal at the moment. Between working from home, staying cosy during the evenings and streaming Netflix for hours on end, you might be wondering what your next utility bill will look like. Despite this, you can save money on your energy bills while you're stuck at home.

Compare reliable energy suppliers offering the most competitive rates within a matter of minutes, following these simple steps:

  1. Go to to use the free, online comparison tool. The system is fully accredited by Ofgem and 100% independent, providing you with a balanced and unbiased comparison. You can be confident it will always show you the cheapest energy deals so you can find the best value for money.

2. Enter your postcode to find the most suitable quotes. Energy deals vary based on where you live. Some suppliers only cover specific locations, others will have different price ranges for different regions. This can be related to local distribution networks or the amount of energy they usually sell in a particular area. By adding your postcode, you can be sure the deals you find are appropriate for you.

3. Input your energy usage to ensure you'll get a tailored comparison that shows how much you could save if you switch. You can find information about how your home uses energy by looking at a recent energy bill or logging into your current energy provider's website. Everyone has different needs, powering and heating your home is no different. Your energy bills won't be the same as every other house in your neighborhood. Referring to your energy usage data ensures you can get an accurate estimate for how much you could save.

4. Compare deals that are created for you instantly. A wide selection of tariffs will be generated, but you can quickly scan the results to see which companies are offering the best value for money. The tool also includes a rating system and useful information about each supplier to help you judge which one will be the best choice for you, such as potential savings, exit fees, and the way their billing works.

5. Choose your plan and confirm you'd like to switch. It's all done online through the comparison tool, making switching easier than ever. Follow the instructions and add your personal information and payment details that will be provided to your new supplier, then the rest is done for you. The new energy company you have chosen will be in touch with your current supplier to make the switch on your behalf.

Staying at home during this period is crucially important. When you switch energy provider, you won't need any pipes, cables or wires refitted and nobody needs to visit your home, allowing you and your family to remain safe and sound.

Switching energy supplier won't alter the flow of gas and electricity into your home. You won't experience any downtime or power shortages when you switch, and you can continue to heat and power your household as usual. The energy you're using comes from the same pipes, even after moving over to your new supplier, but the deal you've chosen is different. The only thing that will change is the amount you pay.

The process will usually be complete within 21 days, which includes a 14-day cooling-off period when you are free to change your mind. During this time, you don't need to worry about calling your new or old supplier. You can sit back and relax until the day of the switch, then all you need to do is provide a meter reading so that your final bill is correct. The switch happens behind the scenes and you can start planning what to do with your savings.

So if your ready to save up to £450 per year on your gas and electricity, compare energy suppliers with Utility Saving Expert today

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