The view from my window: Elaine C Smith

The view from my window: Elaine C Smith
"I feel lucky to have this house. In a world where so many people have no place to call home."

Are you sitting comfortably?

I’m on a big leather office chair which is comfy, but I wouldn’t choose to be here for hours on end. My favourite chair is a big love seat with lots of red cushions, in the bay window in our living room. I’ve ended up with a lot of red in the room although the walls are white. It’s a Victorian house with high ceilings and beautiful cornices, so the white walls, red rugs and dark wooden floor make it cosy. The love seat is where I read to my two-year-old granddaughter Stella. I’ve just done the Gruffalo in Glaswegian with the wonderful James Robertson and I asked the publishers to dedicate it to Stella. So I can’t wait to read that to her.

What’s the view like?

The window looks over the front garden, with its beautiful old rowan trees and Japanese maple plant, which turns an amazing shade of red. Matches my cushions and everything. The view stretches over the street and tennis courts and beyond, up the hills towards Cambuslang and East Kilbride.

Favourite place nearby?

A lovely deli/café called Rustico. The owner Marisa and her family do lovely food and I get to meet lots of friends and neighbours there too. Next door is Enhance beauty salon, so I go there as often as I can. A coffee and a manicure? Perfect.

Perfect night in

Chinese food with the family and shouting at the telly when the X Factor is on. Or my husband Bob and I watching The Bridge with a cuppa and toast. Or Sunday dinner with the family, or the house full of pals for a family celebration and some karaoke. We are so lucky to have a home that allows all that.

Last thing you bought for your home?

A gazebo for the garden. It was for Bob’s 65th birthday. The rain stayed off too, so it was worth it.

If I didn’t live here, I’d want to live in...

A modern city centre pad that’s easier to keep than an old six-bedroom Victorian pile that always needs something done to it.

But I feel lucky to have this house, where my girls have been brought up.

In a world where so many have no place to call home, I feel very blessed to be here.

 Elaine C. Smith’s television programme Burdz Eye View airs on STV on Fridays at 8pm. The Glasgow Gruffalo, which is published by B and W, will be launched on October 26. Elaine is currently filming series two of Two Doors Down for the BBC and will be appearing in panto in Aberdeen this Christmas.

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