Selling a home in Scotland

Preparing your home for sale


Don't spend a fortune renovating your home before you sell, as you may not recover the costs. Prospective buyers will have their own idea of how they would want the property to look when they move in and should be able to see past decor and furniture.

However, there are a few things you can do to help your home seem more appealing to viewers:

  • A fresh coat of paint can transform a room - if you have any bold colours on walls, it may be worth painting them a neutral colour
  • Make minor repairs
  • Ensure your home is clean and tidy
  • Try to de-clutter as much as possible (pack away personal items such as books and DVD's)
  • Remove excess furniture to create the illusion of space
  • Make sure all lights are working to make rooms appear bright
  • Remove all trace of pets such as cages and litter trays
  • Tidy the garden as this will be the first impression!