Selling a home in Scotland


It is possible for your estate agent to show potential buyers around your home. However, many people prefer to do it themselves. You'll be able to talk more enthusiastically about living there and answer specific questions your buyer might have (such as utility bills, what the neighbours are like etc.)

There are a few golden rules when conducting viewings:

  • Always greet viewers with a smile and remain business-like but friendly
  • Decide on the best rooms in your home and show them first, then revisit them at the end
  • Always open the door and let the viewer enter the room first
  • Emphasis the positives as much as possible
  • If you can, try to give the viewer some time to wander around your home on their own

It's usually a good sign if a viewer has lots of questions they'd like to ask. Here's some examples of questions you might be asked:

  • Why are you selling?
  • Have you already bought somewhere else?
  • How quickly are you willing to move?
  • Have you done any major work to the property?
  • How much is the council tax?
  • What are the average utility bills?
  • Is there allocated parking?
  • Is the garden private or shared?
  • What are the neighbours like?
  • How far is the nearest public transport?
  • Where are the nearest shops?