Discovering Accento Café – a family run Sardinian Café in Finnieston


Today we are interviewing Alessandra Pili one of the owners of Accento Café, the first Sardinian Café in Scotland, located in Finnieston, Glasgow.

Can you tell us a little bit about Accento Café and the team behind it?

Accento Cafe is a family business, run by my sister Francesca, my brother-in-law Riccardo and myself. We arrived in Glasgow in 2014 and as a family we decided to bring a Sardinian twist to Glasgow and focus our idea on the flavours of our homeland: Sardinia.

Why a Sardinian cafe in Finnieston?

It’s a trendy area and we though that could be the perfect place for our business idea. At Accento Cafe you can not only find Sardinian products directly sourced by us like olive oil, conserves, jams, honey and lot more, but also fresh products made using our traditional recipes. All the food is homemade, like the bread we use for our famous panini or the cakes and sweets that you can find every day.

What does the area offer that made it so perfect for your business?

The area is a “must stop” point for all the people working in Sky Park and in the Finnieston area. Customers in the area often look for a meal made with quality ingredients, reasonably priced with a varied menu and a speedy service (full stop here). That’s why Accento Café has become a popular place for a spot of lunch since we opened in 2015.

And what are your best sellers?

Our Panini – this is homemade ciabatta bread stuffed with the very best Italian and Sardinian cured meats and cheeses. One of our favourites – The Big Franco, it’s compulsory on lunch breaks. Homemade soup and cakes always go quickly too!

What kind of customers do you have?

We have a lot of people who work in the area, along with loyal customers who live in Finnieston and a few people who travel just to come here and enjoy our freshly baked food. Accento also attracts a lot of Italians, it is funny to hear such a variety of accents in our cosy wee Café.

What are your favourite things about Finnieston?

The community sense that Finnieston has, we are really happy to being part of it.

Discover what this wee Sardinian Café can offer you and stop by for a delicious panini and cake. If you want move to and become part of the great community in Finnieston, check all the properties available for sale and to rent on s1homes.

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