Things to consider when moving to a new area

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You might not be into setting resolutions but if moving to a new area could be one goal that you’d like to see through.

There could be many reasons for moving to a new area, possibly due to work commitments, being closer to family or just for a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, there are many things to think about when moving to a new area. If 2021 is your year for a fresh start and a new home, here’s a helpful guide of things to consider when searching for your new home or in preparation for your move.

The essentials

There are lots of factors that make a property desirable when it comes to its location. Not just down to where they are located on the map, but where it is located in terms of facilities. Even if you’re relocating to somewhere rural to fulfil your dream of living off the land, there are essentials that you may want to consider.

Nurseries and schools

If you’re moving with children then you’ll need to think about how close your home is to the nearest nurseries, schools and even colleges for further education. Think about how you would commute to them each day, is there a school bus available, is there public transport or is there alternatives in place if public transport can’t run?

Doctors, dentists, and hospitals

A consideration whether you have children or not. Your health and wellbeing are incredibly important so being near doctors and dentists for regular check-ups is important, as well as being near emergency healthcare like a hospital. You might also want to think about nearby fire and police stations too – purely for your peace of mind.


These days couriers deliver to even the most remote locations so buying clothes and other similar items like homeware and furniture might not be too much of an issue. Essentials like food is another matter. It’s worthwhile checking where your nearest supermarket is for your bigger shops, or even if they offer convenient home delivery. But also think about the nearest local shop to you, for those days when you run out of milk or toilet paper!


An essential for many, especially when more people are currently working from home, is the internet quality. Something to research is what is available in the new location and if it is powerful enough for your needs. Many internet providers will give you a rough estimate of speed and line connections based on your postcode. If you have a current provider, it’s maybe a good idea to check with them first of all.

The affordability

The cost of buying your new home is a given but have you thought about the other costs involved? The first thing to check with a new property is the council tax for that area as it may be different from what you are currently paying. If you can, also check how much the energy bills are, even a rough estimate will help especially if you’re moving to a larger property. If you’re moving further away, then you’ll need to factor in moving costs or even storage. Other costs to consider when moving to a new area is travel costs. Will your work commute involve driving for longer or even switching to public transport?

The fun stuff

When considering a move to a new location it’s not just the essentials you need to think about, it’s the other fun stuff that you’re used to in your current home. These are things you might take for granted right now but will miss when you move. If ordering a takeaway is a staple of your weekend plans or nipping to your local coffee shop for a latte and muffin to go, then it would be a shame to lose out on that.

Nobody wants to stay indoors every weekend, so remember to look out for activities nearby that you can look forward to. Things like local restaurants and bars, leisure facilities such as swimming pools and gyms and even nature walks and local parks.



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