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HomeChoice@Renfrewshire - Available Now! Homes


Introducing HomeChoice@Renfrewshire – Available Now! Homes , where there’s housing available for rent right now in the Paisley, Renfrew and Johnstone areas.


What's available?


We have two and three bedroom properties with a separate living room, kitchen and bathroom.   These properties are available for early entry dates, some of these properties are fully decorated and carpeted throughout giving you a great start to your tenancy.

Properties are mostly located within walking distance to town centres, train stations and bus routes.


Advantages of renting from Renfrewshire Council are:

·          A Scottish Secure Tenancy. This means the tenancy can last as long as you want it to last, provided you continue to meet the conditions of your tenancy with us

·          Economic rental

·          Property meets the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.

·          Energy Performance Certificate available

·          24 hour emergency repair service

·          No deposit required




You must have a current application for housing registered with Renfrewshire Council to apply for one of the HomeChoice@Renfrewshire - Available Now! Homes ,


For more information about our HomeChoice@Renfrewshire - Available Now! Homes , you can contact our Allocation Team on 0300 300 0222 or visit one of our housing offices listed below.


P a i s l ey C ust o m e r S er v i c e C e nt r e

R e nf r e w s hi r e H o u se C o tt o n S t r e e t P a i s l ey P A 1 1 J D


J o h nst on e C u st o m e r S er v i c e C e nt r e

F l oo r sb u rn H o u s e, F l o o rs S t J o h nst on e P A 5 8 T N


Renfrew Customer Service Centre

14 Renfield Street Renfrew PA4 8RN


Ho u s i ng A d v i c e S er v i c e

15 A b erc o rn St re et P a i s l ey P A 3 4AA


Visit: www.renfrewshire.gov.uk 24 hours a day


Home Choice currently have no properties for rent.

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