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Gerard Butler Paisley Buddy Gerard Butler was reported to have bought a swanky pad on the south side of Glasgow in 2015. The luxury apartment, near Giffnock, provides the Hollywood A-lister with a crash pad when he returns home to visit friends and family. Butler spends most of the year split between Los Angeles and […]

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie or TV show and suddenly shouting out: “I know that place!”? Well, it’s no surprise. Scotland’s cities, towns and wild places have been the backdrop for many a famous scene. So let’s enjoy a whirlwind tour of locations that have graced the silver screen . . .  […]

If you’re tempted by the chance to live at a slower pace among wonderful scenery, living on your very own island must be the ultimate in ‘getting away from it all’. Sounds like the stuff of daydreams, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Each year there are a handful of islands that come up for sale […]

  If suburban cul-de-sacs just don’t do it for you, there are plenty of alternative buildings that can be converted into quirky and stylish homes. The only limit is your imagination – and your budget, of course. Often the work involved in turning a non-residential building into a home can be off-putting for buyers. This […]

We’ve been asking our Facebook followers about their best and funniest memories of Christmas dinners and we’ve had such a good response that we thought we’d share them with you. For most of our followers their best memories are definitely family related. Mum or dad cooking a delicious meal, or those lovely moments with the […]

We’ve been asking our Facebook followers about their best and worst Christmas presents and we’ve had such a good response that we thought we’d share them with you- it might just help you decide what to buy (or not!) your loved ones this year. Travelling topped the best present list and among the various trips […]

Do you know Scotland’s Christmas traditions? If not, then keep reading!!! s1homes’ Christmas competition reached out to Facebook followers to get an insight into Christmas traditions across Scotland, the response was so good, we thought we’d share them with you for a little inspiration this Christmas. Maybe you think that Christmas is mainly about family, […]

We’re glad to share with you the interview with the winner of the s1homes month’s #FreeRent, Victoria Burtt. Victoria and her husband were living in Kent, but are moving all the way to Scotland, something that will be easier thanks to the £750 prize towards their first rental payment. Read through Victoria’s story and how […]

As part of this year’s Festival of Architecture and the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, the nation is being asked to vote for their favourite building from the past 100 years. The list includes two Glasgow banks, the Bon Accord Baths in Aberdeen and Tongland Power Station in Kirkcudbright.  Also on the list are […]

Look out for the Tiny Homes Trail in the Edinburgh International Science Festival, from March 26 to April 10, part of Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. Urban populations are on the rise and a growing number of developers are having to “think small” and are looking to design to help. The Tiny Homes […]

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