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Presenter and design guru Kevin McCloud has long been a champion of creative design choices and ingenious problem-solving, and with plenty of hitches and setbacks hitting homeowners, it is no surprise that he is pushing for greater invention now. And this creative problem-solving could be the solution to also adding value to your home.   […]

“Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health and helps to improve your overall wellbeing, so it’s essential you look after your mattress,” says Samantha Parish, Hypnos interior design consultant. But, how often should we really be cleaning our mattresses and replacing them? After all, showing our mattress some TLC isn’t usually […]

Slowly but surely, spring is on the way, which means it’s time to switch up your cleaning routine. To help put the fun into housework, we’ve called in the pros to share their top tips on how to get started… PLAN YOUR CLEAN “I love a list!” enthuses Laura Harnett, founder of Seep eco-cleaning products […]

Staying warm this winter is the hot topic up for debate. With many of us looking for the easiest most cost-effective ways to stay warm in our homes, here we offer some helpful tips. It’s been an unseasonably mild autumn, but winter is looming – and we’d prefer to focus on the joys of the […]

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, many of us will be thinking about how to tie up loose ends – and for some, that means selling their home by Christmas. According to property website the HomeOwners Alliance’s “find an estate agent” service, last year it took homes an average of 52 days […]

With these longer days, it’s easy to notice your home may be needing a good deep clean this summer. The sun can make surfaces appear dusty and all those chores you’ve been putting off can become all too present. Much as we welcome warmer months, long sunny spells and summer holidays, jobs around the house […]

Before we know it, our homes can reflect some of the chaos of our lives. If you’re getting to the stage where you feel the urge for a big clear out, then you may need some advice on where to start. Lisa Salmon talks to psychotherapist and home organisation expert Helen Sanderson, whose new book […]

A bathroom, however small, can become a relaxing sanctuary with just a few bold improvements. A place where we can escape the day-to-day and take time out for ourselves, this haven also has the potential to be pivotal in our decorative prowess – but all too often they’re last on our list when it comes […]

TV presenter Kevin McCloud shares his advice on low-carbon builds and the way home tech is set to advance in the near future. Ahead of his Grand Designs Live event, which starts April 30 in London, the design guru shares the innovations that will be showcased at the event and why they are important for […]

Lisa Salmon explores the idea of home staging and how the trend is said to increase a property’s value by 10% and sell three times faster. The concept involves more than ensuring your home is tidy and sticking a ‘for sale’ sign up, to really grab the imagination and attention of buyers, it helps to […]

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