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A bathroom, however small, can become a relaxing sanctuary with just a few bold improvements. A place where we can escape the day-to-day and take time out for ourselves, this haven also has the potential to be pivotal in our decorative prowess – but all too often they’re last on our list when it comes […]

TV presenter Kevin McCloud shares his advice on low-carbon builds and the way home tech is set to advance in the near future. Ahead of his Grand Designs Live event, which starts April 30 in London, the design guru shares the innovations that will be showcased at the event and why they are important for […]

Millions of us are now spending some, if not all, of our time working from home. And one of the joys of working in your own space is that you’re the boss when it comes to design and ambience – so you can escape dull desks and bland decor and kit out your own personalised […]

Functionality and clever space design ideas have become increasing trends for those dealing with small living spaces. Learning how best to utilise space no matter how much (or how little) you have, is always useful. When it comes to furnishing and fashioning a small room, there are some useful hacks on how to make the […]

If you’ve just moved into a new home and are staring at a blank canvas, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to decorating and adding your own style. You may also find that some rooms are trickier than others, from being too small, too big, or having little quirks to them. […]

For those used to renting, the one downside can be that it is hard to make the property feel like your own because it isn’t technically yours to own. Depending on the landlord as well, there can be some restrictions when it comes to decorating too, but with our 5 quick fixes, you can feel […]

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2020 over 8 million people in the UK worked from home, that’s around 25% of workers and an increase from 12.4% in 2019. That’s a huge number of homes in the UK that are now doubling up as home offices. This is on top of those that […]

According to a recent survey by RAC Home Insurance, nearly 6 million UK garages aren’t used to store cars. That’s more than half of garages not being used for their original purpose and instead, being used for other things, such as extra storage. Amongst the items that we love to store in our garages, DIY […]

With the long-awaited reboot of 90s homemaker over show, Changing Rooms, back on our screens, you may be tempted to take inspiration and give your rooms a little makeover. This could be an entire change-up, or simply transitioning your home interior to match with the seasonal change that is just around the corner. Whether you’re […]

It was a day we were all patiently waiting for, and it has finally come, all areas in Scotland have moved to Level 0 which means a lot more freedom and the chance for long-overdue catchups with friends and family. For so many of those that moved home during the pandemic and more recently, it […]

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