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A new season is in the air. To embrace autumn at home it helps to invoke fragrances that tune in with the season. Empower the senses with aromatic smells that complement the season…think early notes and scents of berries. “Although I’m a little sad to say goodbye to summer, I’m also excited to welcome in […]

Organising expert Lucy Mansey shares her home editing prowess for getting organised. By Sam Wylie-Harris. Self-confessed organiser and mum of three, Lucy Mansey says she’s always been fascinated by how organisation can impact your life. A teacher for many years, she says it wasn’t until she moved to Sydney and worked in interiors and design […]

Using natural colours and materials throughout our home can help us feel better connected to nature, interiors expert Victoria Harrison claims. Harrison, who’s written the book Rewild Your Home to explain how to introduce nature into your house, says: “Living in connection with nature can help make us happier and healthier. Spending time outdoors has […]

Summer can be a hectic and packed season for many of us, so when it comes to our homes, it’s helpful to have a place that evokes a peaceful and streamlined environment to unwind in after a long day. Inspired largely by Japanese culture, minimalism has become one of the most popular lifestyle trends. The […]

With these longer days, it’s easy to notice your home may be needing a good deep clean this summer. The sun can make surfaces appear dusty and all those chores you’ve been putting off can become all too present. Much as we welcome warmer months, long sunny spells and summer holidays, jobs around the house […]

Before we know it, our homes can reflect some of the chaos of our lives. If you’re getting to the stage where you feel the urge for a big clear out, then you may need some advice on where to start. Lisa Salmon talks to psychotherapist and home organisation expert Helen Sanderson, whose new book […]

As a couple, it can really test your relationship when you agree to refurbish your home. The daunting aspect of refurbishing a home takes a lot of patience and perseverance and can be an emotionally stressful experience for a couple. Chances are, you’ll be at loggerheads somewhere down the line. Here, experts share their top […]

A bathroom, however small, can become a relaxing sanctuary with just a few bold improvements. A place where we can escape the day-to-day and take time out for ourselves, this haven also has the potential to be pivotal in our decorative prowess – but all too often they’re last on our list when it comes […]

TV presenter Kevin McCloud shares his advice on low-carbon builds and the way home tech is set to advance in the near future. Ahead of his Grand Designs Live event, which starts April 30 in London, the design guru shares the innovations that will be showcased at the event and why they are important for […]

Millions of us are now spending some, if not all, of our time working from home. And one of the joys of working in your own space is that you’re the boss when it comes to design and ambience – so you can escape dull desks and bland decor and kit out your own personalised […]

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