Favourite memories of Christmas dinners

Family having Christmas dinner

We’ve been asking our Facebook followers about their best and funniest memories of Christmas dinners and we’ve had such a good response that we thought we’d share them with you.

For most of our followers their best memories are definitely family related. Mum or dad cooking a delicious meal, or those lovely moments with the whole family from parents to in-laws all sitting around the table, or dinners with the grandparents and fond memories of those relatives who live far away, coming to celebrate the festive period.

We also heard from some, that their best memories are those that has been ‘their first’.  Such as the first dinner with children, the first dinner as a grandpa or the first dinner as a couple creating their new own traditions.

Many said that they’d stolen food off loved ones sitting close by, and many more said that they gave food to their dogs under the table when it wasn’t as nice as they’d expected! (We hope that no one saw that!).

Others shared their funniest memories like that time the turkey fell down the stairs sliding along the floor and put it back in the tray hoping nobody knew!  For others it was that dinner when they forgot to switch on the oven ended up having dinner at 9pm. Or others who had troubles with the oven and the turkey (let’s say it was a little burned) so their Christmas dinner ended up being a take-away!

Of course Christmas crackers, hats and Christmas jumpers are all part of our followers’ best memories and even in some homes with family member dressed himself as Santa Claus (we’ve heard that it was the mum and not the dad!)

There’re nice memories like a family who use to take the front room door off to use as a table because they’d invite old ladies from the neighbourhood who would’ve been on their own, so they wouldn’t be alone at Christmas, what a lovely family.

And the memories from childhood and Christmas dinners are also some of the best.  Like that dinner when one youngster was 8 and she got a new bike and didn’t want to sit around the table eating. She wanted everyone to go outside and watch her on the bike, or that time when two sisters did their own Christmas musical!

Definitely, there’s no place like home to celebrate Christmas dinner with the whole family!

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