Top tips for decluttering when moving

Woman packing house stuff

Preparing to move home can be a stressful time – which is why decluttering your house or flat can also help declutter your brain and bring a sense of calm!

Of course, it also helps at a time when you could be preparing your home or rental property for viewing.

And the key here is to remove as many personal possessions as you can from view. Creating a blank canvas allows the potential next occupiers to see themselves living here with their own worldly goods

Once you’ve cleared the decks, there are a number of things you can now do with your belongings.


Yes, make like those Cash in the Attic folks and see if you can make a fistful of notes by selling off vintage items such as art, jewellery or ornaments to a second-hand specialist.

There is money in old phones, games and music collections – check out specialist companies or use your fav online selling site.

Car boot sales are also a great way to get rid of a large volume of things – so long as you price them to sell. They can also be great fun if you get into the spirit.

For large ticket items such as furniture or white electrical goods why not ask your landlord or buyer whether they’d like to invest in them?

After all, it saves both of you the hassle and extra expense of moving stuff out and moving stuff in.


Charity shops are always looking for donations, particularly homewares, and will often collect larger items such as furniture – so you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting.

There are also clothes recycling shops that pay cash for unwanted clothes (are you really going to wear that kaftan again?) – so everyone is a winner.


This is a great way to give extra life to tired items, especially furniture – it could be as simple as painting chairs and tables to be reused in your new terrace. If you’re really creative, that wooden pallet left by the removal company could be turned into the perfect boho chic table.

For unwanted items, websites such as allow you to pass on goods to someone looking for just that thing – you’d be surprised how many folks really need a second-hand Space Hopper. This means you can help someone out at the same time as clearing space.

Most council tips now accept a range of items for recycling, including bicycles and fridges. Check with your local council office first.


While a thorough clear-out is always satisfying, don’t disregard the things you night miss later – there are some possessions you might regret turfing out. Trinkets may seem junk to others but if they’re a link to a person or a particular memory, hold on to them.

A good test is to pack items away for six months then revisit them. If you cherish seeing them again, they are keepers for good.

Now you’ve decluttered why not take a break and explore the hottest homes for sale or rent on s1homes?

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