Why property pros are taking on tech

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Estate and letting agents have always been pioneers, pushing the boundaries when it comes to offering the best and easiest ways to buy, sell and rent, and they are happily embracing the latest technology.

This allows them to adapt quickly to changes in the market and keep pace with the rapidly changing needs and aspirations of their clients.

Want to find out more? Let’s talk tech!



They may have been around since Grampa Jack first bought a Betamax toploader but until recently the high production costs ruled out videos for most. Now, however, many agents are increasingly using them to showcase properties.

One reason this is possible has been the introduction of mobile apps that allow a phone to be used to create high-quality, 360º video tours.

From the owner’s perspective, the video will show their apartment or house looking clean, tidy and at its best at any time of the night or day. Meanwhile, the buyer or renter can comfortably view the interior and exterior, no matter what time of day it actually is, before committing themselves to a viewing.


Virtual reality

You don’t have to be fighting zombies, driving karts or playing FIFA-level football to enjoy the benefits of virtual or augmented reality. This technology may have been responsible for the worldwide popularity of gaming but it’s now also a fantastic tool for property agents.

With a huge amount of interactivity, viewers can choose their own route through the property, zoom in on features and click on reference buttons to reveal more information.

Some virtual tours are even compatible with 3D headsets, allowing you to be fully immersed in the experience.


Big data

Moves in the market, population demographics, local amenity checklists, price changes, school performance figures . . . thanks to digitalisation and the Internet of Things, all of this valuable information is now at the property pro’s fingertips.

This allows them to more quickly and effectively match properties to prospective buyers and renters, based on their individual needs and desires.


Online customer care

By using s1homes, agents are able to offer 24/7, 365-days-a-year access to their properties, with images, floorplans and a wealth of detailed information. Their own websites, meanwhile, can provide automated communication or real-time online chat to ensure their customer care is provided right around the clock.

This can be of immense help to clients seeking advice on anything from arranging viewings to conveyancing procedures.



It’s no secret using drones has transformed the building industry for architects, engineers and construction workers. Now they are a feature in the world of estate agencies. Essentially, they are able to give a bird’s eye view by taking images or  videos of a property – providing a much clearer idea of everything from the size of a home and the condition of a building to an overview (literally) of the garden, surroundings and local area.


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