Don’t mess up your relationship

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An overwhelming number of British adults could be put off a relationship after visiting a potential partner’s home, according to new research. A survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out by interiors retailer, found 87 per cent of Brits would judge a potential boyfriend or girlfriend on the state of their home, and 75 per cent say it could be a deal breaker for their future relationship.

For single Brits, clutter and general untidiness is the number one turn off, with 85 per cent saying this is the case. When quizzed on the reasons why the state of their potential other half’s home had such an influence, more than half of Brits say the home is a reflection of who someone is as a person. Mark Kelly, marketing manager at said: “It’s astonishing to see how many Britons are judging potential partners on their homes, and how many say it would influence their decision to take the relationship further.

It’s understandable that a dirty home and general untidiness is likely to put a person off, but it’s very interesting to see that style and taste is also such an influential factor. “That said, there are some small changes that UK adults can make in a bid to win the hearts of those they are bringing in to their home. Always have a tidy up before inviting a new love interest over and invest in some plugin air fresheners or scented diffusers. Making the bed is an absolute must, as is getting rid of your ex’s portrait hanging above the fire.”

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