Get a move on! Take our quiz for a chance to win £100 to spend in IKEA



Searching for a new home can be tricky. Factors like location, size and price all come into play, but have you considered what type of home is really for you?

Why not take our Get a move on property personality quiz and see exactly what types of properties and areas match your personality? Plus, you’ll be in with the chance of winning one of four £100 IKEA vouchers – what are you waiting for?

It’s easy to enter!

1)  Take the short quiz here to find your property personality and the areas and properties that best suit you.

2) Leave a comment on this blog post (below), with what personality you’re matched with, what really makes you to belong to that group and what you’d spend the vouchers on.

You’ll need to give us your name, email address and your comment. Once it is approved by us your comment will appear and you’ll be eligible to win.

Don’t forget to share this competition with your friends, families and neighbours – you might be surprised to learn you have much more in common than you thought!

Good luck from the s1homes team.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Competition is open until 11:59pm 2th September 2018.
  2. Four winners will be selected at random.
  3. To be eligible you must take the quiz, share your results and provide your name and valid email address.
  4. Winners will be notified by email and announced on s1homes social media accounts.  If prize is not claimed within 48 hours then a new winner will be selected.
  5. Each winner will win an IKEA voucher to the value of £100.
  6. Vouchers will be sent via post to the winners and can be redeemed online or in store.
  7. Open to residents of the United Kingdom only.
  8. By leaving your comment you agree to these terms and conditions.


210 Responses to “Get a move on! Take our quiz for a chance to win £100 to spend in IKEA”

  1. June OKeeffe says:

    love to be living in the country, chilling as I get older and enjoying life

  2. Billie cochrane says:

    I got the suited n booted in glasgow and i looked at the merchant city flats!

  3. Chloe Gerber says:

    So I’m a ‘Leafy Bohemian’! It’s pretty bang on I would say.. not sure about the yoga moves in the park though although I do enjoy yoga!

    You love the feeling of community in your area. You want to be able to buy local, from small, independent businesses. You love open spaces so the park is a hub for you, somewhere you can chill out with your yoga moves and be surrounded by soothing nature. Then you can head home and try that recipe you’ve found for sweet potato muffins.

    I would love to win the IKEA vouchers as I’m currently re-decorating my house and could do with the extra cash to splurge a little! Fingers crossed… !

  4. Leah Watt says:

    Enjoyable quiz, and totally spot-on for what I’m after. Apparently I’m a leafy bohemian.

    I’ve been looking to buy a place Aberdeen, and Rosemount or West End are my preferred locations – just waiting ’till the right property comes onto the market!

  5. Mike Adams says:

    I took the quiz with my daughter in mind – she’s just qualified as a nurse and is starting a new job at the QEUH.

    I’m sure she’d laugh at being described as “suited and booted in Glasgow” – Merchant City a fair bit beyond her budget.

    She’s buying her first flat in Glasgow and the £100 IKEA vouchers would be brilliant to help her kit it out!

  6. Siobhan says:

    City life is the one for me, busy and full of life

  7. Helen says:

    I got leafy bohemian & love Hyndland, Hillhead & Shawlands in Glasgow so this was totally accurate for me! Fingers crossed for Ikea vouchers to dress my place up

  8. Kirsty says:

    Suited and Booted in Glasgow! Nice!

    Since I’m looking at new places the £100 IKEA vouchers would be a huge help for my perfect and ideal home!

    Good luck everyone!

  9. Rachel McGroarty says:

    I got suburbanite in Edinburgh!

    I really want to get back into crafts and I really need some storage and a new desk so I can get busy crafting. I also need some Lack tables for a 3D printer enclosure.

    In all honesty, I just need an excuse to go to Ikea! <3

  10. Regan Cruickshank says:

    I am a suburbanite! I have been matched to stay in bridge of don, which I love!
    I would spend my ikea vouchers (if I win) on some cool new furnishings for a lovely home and some plants!

  11. Rachael Hayhurst says:

    Suburbanite, Glasgow. Relaxed city living. Kitting out a new pad.

  12. Laura says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh! (which is probably right)

    We need some final touches to make our flat feel like home!

  13. Mhari Forbes says:

    Leafy Bohemian, so accurate! An apartment covered in Ikea plants and treasures! Bliss

  14. Bethany MacDonald says:

    Suburbanite! Looking for a new house at the moment so… fingers crossed!

  15. James Gergett says:

    Seems I need to move to Bearsden
    Wonder what those poor unfortunate people did wrong to deserve me

  16. Zeynep Ülgener says:

    Trendsetter in Dundee! Moving into a new house! the voucher would be great!

  17. Stuart Mackenzie says:

    Just want a home to come home from work and relax

  18. Emma Gilmour says:

    Time to set-up in Finnieston!
    Would love to get kitted out with some beautiful crockery and elegant glasses for entertaining

  19. carlie wilson says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow! This fits perfectly as I would definitely be buying plants with my Ikea voucher to make my place homey and perfect.

  20. Rachel Mackie says:

    I got “trendsetter in glasgow”
    I love living in busy city areas where there is lots to do and loads of friendly people about (which you definitely find in Glasgow!). I also love trying new cafes and bars especially ones with new original themes such as Cat cafes and bars with themed drinks!
    I would be over the moon to win the money as me and my partner are currently starting the process of buying our first flat together. This would be a great way to get a few wee extra treats to make our first home special.

  21. Karen says:

    surbanite in Edinburgh -actually pretty close

  22. Rachael says:

    I got suburbanite in Glasgow! Which is definitely accurate as I am moving out to an Eastern suburb next month. I will definitely be needing some furniture and some little personal touches for the new flat so IKEA vouchers would be amazing! :)

  23. Laura says:

    Suburban Glasgow which is me to a T, I like to be near the city but far enough away not to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of it all.
    I have just bought a new house and in the process of getting all our bits so Ikea vouchers would be AMAZING

  24. Greig says:

    Leith east yeha

  25. Shanice abass says:

    I got surburbanite in Glasgow. Definitely agree as I do like my space and things to be a little quiet. I would spend the voucher on nursery furniture for our baby due in 7 weeks

  26. Carole Paton says:

    Suited and Booted, Glasgow. I love the city and the convenience of having everything on the doorstep but lots of quiet green spaces too. I’d spend the vouchers on new lamps for my living room.

  27. Antonia Carter says:

    So im a surburbanite! Happy with that and pretty well summed up. Fields to the left of me pub to the right

  28. Lauren says:

    “Suited and booted in Glasgow” – I’ve just bought my first flat in Glasgow!!!
    Would love a cheeky win to buy goodies for my first home!

  29. JD says:

    Suburbanite Aberdeen ” you just gotta love the granite city”

  30. Katie Mashford says:

    Leafy Bohemian Glasgow! Exactly where I’m looking in the west end, ideal for coffee shops and beer gardens!

  31. Shona says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow! pretty spot on I love being close to the city and parks alike with some sweet rustic shops nearby. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to move just now so the vouchers would go towards making my current living situation more cosy and stylish!

  32. Emma says:

    I got Suburbanite Glasgow! I’m a first time buyer trying to move closer to the centre for work and save on the hour commute I currently have. I will be starting completely from scratch so I will need all sorts of furniture and decor to get me started off.

  33. Rachel daly says:

    Leafy bohemian in Edinburgh. This perfectly describes me as I love the chilled life. I’m moving to Edinburgh at the end of the year and I’d spend the vouchers on some cool plants and maybe even a gorgeous rug from ikea. Anything to make my home feel cozy!

  34. Tracy daly says:

    I got trendsetter in Glasgow! I’m staying at home and not moving any time soon but I love finding cool bars and restaurants, I’m always the one out of my friends to find somewhere great to go on a Saturday night. the IKEA vouchers would help me to decorate my daughters bedroom as she’s growing up and I want to make it more quirky to live in for her by getting a dressing table

  35. Rebecca Young says:

    I got suburbanite in Dundee, perfect for my ideal career – creative marketing from my own office.

  36. M.H says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh! Love being slightly outside the centre with more space. Will spend the vouchers on mirrors and wall art to decorate my new home.

  37. Sarah says:

    I got suburbanite! Which thankfully matches my current situation and gives me peace of mind that when I’m next looking to move I’ll hopefully stay on the right tracks and find something else I love (all with the help of some searching on S1 homes, of course!)

  38. Linzi McPadden says:

    Leafy bohemian!
    Got my eyes on alot of white furniture in ikea! X

  39. Jenn Riach says:

    Leafy Bohemian! This fits perfectly with all the stuff I’m drawn to in IKEA

  40. Sophie Brodie says:

    I got “Suburbanite” – so true as I’m always complaining about how the city is far too busy for me. Hopefully in the next few years I’ll be able to find an affordable house suited to my tastes, but for now, I wouldn’t mind spending that IKEA voucher on a new bed and a duvet set to brighten up my room and keep this homebody happy!

  41. Suzy says:

    Bohemian living in leafy Glasgow. Nailed it

  42. Jay sinclair says:

    I got suited and booted, in Glasgow :):) I’d say the quiz is pretty accurate!!

  43. Sam says:

    Leafy bohemian, I just want to live in a nice chill place that I can have friends round for meals at. I’d use the voucher to get enough plates and forks for everyone haha

  44. Emma says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow :) those Ikea vouchers would come in handy to buy more units for my vinyl

  45. Linda says:

    I’m a ‘Trendsetter in Edinburgh’

  46. Joseph says:

    Prefer a quite and tidy neighbourhood with no pubs/clubs – Aberdeen with beers eh!

  47. Eilidh says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh! – accurate!

  48. Jennifer Peel says:

    Suited and booted in Edinburgh. Living in the city centre is important to me and the ease of being near work as well as bars and restaurants is a priority!

  49. Robyn Anderson says:

    I got a trendsetter in Edinburgh! Perfect group for my Partner and I – we are both very much into our craft beer and we spend a ridiculous amount of money on coffee that we grind freshly in our ridiculously overpriced coffee machine haha. It’s really important to us that a property is near good quality independent cafes/restaurant/bars and we live going to local markets and outdoor events. We are all about industrial decor and if we won the ikea vouchers we would probably spend it on a giant cactus plant, some cool coffee cups and maybe some geometric style prints that I can instagram haha!

  50. Claire shanks says:

    Leafy bohemian in Edinburgh. Shane I can’t afford any of the bemoan places in Edinburgh, eh!

  51. Alan Faulkner-Jones says:

    I got: Suburbanite; which I am definitely developing towards! The city is just too loud and stressful.

    I’d spend the ikea vouchers on new furniture for my new house.

  52. Emily says:

    I got suited and booted in Glasgow, and recommended the Merchant City flats!! I wish, they’re amazing! I would spend the Ikea vouchers on furniture for my spare room so that my guests don’t need to sleep on the couch when they stay over!

  53. Emily Diansangu says:

    I got suited and booted in Glasgow. I am a city girl at heart and love being close to shops, bars, cafe’s and new places to eat out. I would spend the ikea vouchers on a kitchen sink for my new flat!

  54. Jaimie says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow. Very accurate, I’m from the highlands so like being outside the hustle and bustle. I’d spend the vouchers on new baby room furniture.

  55. Vikki says:

    I got leafy bohemian. You can never have enough plants

  56. Zaneta says:

    Leafy bohemian! Spot on!

  57. Lewis says:

    I got trendsetter – Ha I wish.
    Interesting survey though, and it did get a few aspects correct.

    If I won, I’d put the vouchers towards buying new pieces for me and my partners first flat, it’s got to look Instagram worthy after all.

  58. Donna C says:

    I got, suburban in Glasgow. True when I find one

  59. Lindsay Cameron says:

    I’m a leafy bohemian. I want to grow herbs, walk Doggo’s and cone back and bake delicious treats. I would use the vouchers to get kitchen supplies and buy many plants and plant pots.

  60. Emma says:

    I got suburbanite, totally true

  61. Jennifer says:

    Trendsetter in Glasgow.

    As such, I need to update my armchair to something more avant garde and the vouchers would help.

  62. Zoe Struthers says:

    ‘Leafy Bohemian’ in Glasgow, which is perfect considering I’m in the process of buying a property in one of the recommended areas! I would use the voucher to help furnish my new home.

  63. Carrie says:

    Placed me where I recently moved to!

  64. Rosie Eggo says:

    I got suburbanite and I’m pretty much a coastal town by the sea home bird. Nothing more exciting than getting to walk out your front door and enjoy the Ayrshire coast!
    Would definitely use the vouchers to kit out my new home I’m moving into in October which is a 2 minute walk to the beach from my front door!

  65. Rosie Riddell says:

    I’m a leafy bohemian. I would add the vouchers to the purchase of our new kitchen and accessories.

  66. kerry mccoy says:

    i got suited and booted in edinburgh!

  67. Michaela says:

    Got Leafy Bohemian, which is correct apart from the yoga stuff. I’ve been lucky to find a place that fits all the criteria and we will be moving in soon, so the IKEA gift card would be super handy for making our new place feel like a proper home!

  68. Heather Jane says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh pretty much true!
    I’d like the vouchers as I never have the money to redecorate and would love too

  69. Shannon Reilly says:

    I got trendsetter in Edinburgh, pretty bang on I would say! Love to try new places to eat and drink and finding hidden gems! My favourite type of house is an eclectic mix and has personality.

  70. Bastien Pageot says:

    I got leafy bohemian in Edinburgh, totally agree, I need some greenery and breathing space in big city life. It’s all about that balance!

  71. Katherine long says:

    Trendsetter! Will need those ikea vouchers for a vinyl collection box and a coffee machine

  72. Lauren McIntosh says:

    Suburbanite! Sounds like me. Might still be young but I want somewhere that’s generally quiet, has a garden and is family friendly, but not too far from a town or city where there’s plenty shops and public transport options.

  73. Amy says:

    Edinburgh Suburbanite… definitely love the sunshine and having a nice big garden to enjoy it. And the main thing – who can actually afford to live in edinburgh??? Suburbs forever.

  74. Amy maclean says:

    I got tend setter in Glasgow. It’s pretty accurate!

  75. Marisa C says:

    Trendsetter in Glasgow. Loved all the coffee related answers.

  76. David Guthrie says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh, picked all the areas I’d actually like to live.

  77. Cat Sherry says:

    I got suited and booted, which was 100% right. I have been so busy with conpleting my masters degree that i definately need need everything close by and convenient!

    I would love to win an ikea voucher as i am just away to graduate, and would love to have some new furniture to take my mind of the impending doom that is my student debt.

  78. Jess L says:

    ‘Leafy Bohemian’ sums me right up! Some parts of Edinburgh I’d love to live if my partner and I could afford it, but we’re stuck in the suburbs for now! Maybe it would be better if there was a good coffee shop round the corner…

  79. Petra S. says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow, spot on :-)

  80. Erin B says:

    Pretty much sums me up as a busy student in Edinburgh!

  81. Presiyana P says:

    I got Trendsetter in Glasgow which I’d say sums me up. I’d spend the voucher on some home essentials to make my new place more homey as most properties I’ve been viewing come unfurnished.

  82. s1marketing says:

    Hello Emily,

    You’re the winner of the 1st voucher, please check your email (inbox, spam) as you should have an email from us asking you some info for the gift card delivery,

    Thanks and congratulations!

  83. Carly Grant says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow!

  84. Karen McNaughton says:

    Suburbanite Glasgow. I belong to that group as I like to be close enough to the hustle & bustle but not right in the thick of it. A back garden is important to me to relax and enjoy the fresh air and I love a long walk with my dog and being able to park my car in my driveway. I’d spend the vouchers on a king size bed for me, hubby and the dog!

  85. Fran says:


  86. Emma Kelly says:

    Trendsetter in Glasgow for me apparently. I’m not sure that’s me, I just really like coffee and sourdough

  87. Ewen says:

    I got suburbanite, looking for my home in bearsden.
    Always need accsss to a train for work but otherwise I need a huge supermarket and greenery to walk my doggo :)

  88. Viktoria Ivan says:

    I got Suited & Booted in Edinburgh! which I guess is just right as I love Newtown.

    I’m about to upgrade my flat, I saw a pretty cool shelf in Ikea recently that I’d buy. And lots of plants to go on that!

  89. Alexandria Turner says:

    Suburbanite in Dundee!
    More space and more quiet for my money – it’s all about the garden!
    Spot on :-)

  90. C says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow!

  91. Gemma Wark says:

    I am Suburbanite. Probably fits me quite well at this point in my life as I need somewhere semi rural with lots of space.
    If I won the competition I would look forward to using the money towards a new rented property to make it have hat country spacious feel I love.

  92. Ashleigh says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh!

    Looking to move, need nice new furniture to get the buyers interested!!

  93. Merce says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh!! So cool!

  94. Indre says:

    Suited & Booted in Glasgow! –
    Definitely not wrong. I like my sleep.

    Could use to get something for the new flat as well!

  95. Lucy says:

    I got suited and booted in edinburgh.
    Makes sense, as I currently live and work in a edinburgh!
    Still living in shared accommodation though which feels a little unfamiliar.
    If I won one of the vouchers I would buy some furniture that made it feel a little less bare and homely!

  96. ClareBlyth says:


  97. Kirsten says:

    I’m apparently a leafy bohemian. Interesting, guess I better move to one of those houses made of recycled plastic or make one of those tiny houses out of plywood haha!

  98. Bethany says:

    Im a trendsetter in Edinburgh. Seems pretty accurate haha!

  99. Claire P says:

    So I got Shawlands… handy when it’s my neighbourhood just now. Think that’s the universe telling me to get a cockapoo, furnish its room from Ikea (Southside pups have their own bedrooms obviously) and take on walks to the kitchen to drink puppicinos from my vast range of Ikea kitchenware I’ll buy with my vouchers. Yay!

  100. Malcolm Cuthill says:

    Love to be in a city but just outwith the Center so close enuff but quiet enuff as well .

  101. Alison says:

    I got suburbanite, very accurate actually!
    If I won I’d spend the voucher on getting bits and bobs to make the kitchen look more modern in my soon to be new home.

  102. Jen Fisher says:

    suburbanite… totally true, i dream of a garden!

  103. Nicola says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh! Sounds like me..

  104. Claire Griffith says:

    I got suburbnite in Edinburgh which is exactly where I am point to buy. Handy to the centre and amenities with a little more space and less hubub. If I won I’d put the voucher towards ikeas gorgeous mustard yellow armchair and footstool – had my eye on them for months!

  105. Maggie says:

    Suburbanite! Totally agree – want access to everything but a bit of tranquillity, too… but still a decent chippy. Would spend it on making my new place look like a home (with a spice rack)!

  106. Jacqueline says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow ❤️ Suits me perfectly!

  107. Gemma Parnell says:

    I got suited and booted in Edinburgh and had a look through the properties in new town.

    I would spend the money on some storage I desperately need for my clothes and some bits and pieces to make my place feel more like mine and homely :).

  108. Kazia Mussenden says:

    I got suited and booted in Edinburgh, which may be glamorising my student life a little.

  109. Shauni says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh. Definitely the sort to value convenience but at least a bit of peace too.

    Would spend the vouchers on some homely moveable pieces for our current rental that would make any future moves feel like home much faster and look more put together than the hodge podge of home decor we’ve amassed over the years.

  110. Jen says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh, Stockbridge, Morningside or Marchmont. I love Porty too, it’s got a slighty earthier feel than the others but I wouldn’t Rule out living in any of those areas, especially since they’re easier for cycling around town.

    I’d use the vouchers to buy a really comfortable chair to cosy up in, like a Poäng rocking chair, or loads of plants or lighting.

  111. Sarah McAlpine says:

    Love discovering new places in Glasgow, especially restaurants. Plan on displaying a lot of artwork in a new flat.
    Would love to spend the vouchers on some practical but comfy furniture for the living room.

  112. Gillian Ross says:

    Suburbanite In Aberdeen

  113. Shannon says:

    I got “trendsetter in Edinburgh” – I love living right in the heart of the city and seeing all the news exciting businesses that open, I could never live far from the bustle!

    I would love to win the vouchers because I’m currently furnishing my first “grown up” flat!

  114. Hellen says:

    I got Suburbanite in Dundee. Absolutely right as I like to be close enough to the city to visit but far enough away for some peace and quiet. Probably spend the money on a new sofa as my cat is in the process of destroying my current one

  115. Sarah Iddles says:

    I’m a Leafy Bohemian!

    I love to shop from independent stores, supporting local businesses and take a stroll in the park before heading home to try out a new recipe in the kitchen.

    If I won I would put the vouchers towards a new bookcase to hold all my recipe books ❤️

  116. Gemma says:

    Suburbanite which is v true, as I love being close enough to the city but far enough out that there are great schools for my kids and I can escape the madness of the festival!
    I’d spend the £100 on our new home, which we have just bought and needs fully redecorated!

  117. Victoria says:

    Suburbanite Glasgow
    Hustle and bustle isn’t my thing but sitting with a great cup of coffee either from my machine or the coffee shop just down the road is.

  118. Fiona says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow! Sounds like me!

  119. Mel says:

    Suburbanite – quiz got me down to a T!

  120. Eilidh Sutherland says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow!

    Pretty close to the mark! I do love a bit of cafe culture, people watching, strong coffees and both pubs and parks alike in walking distance!

    If I won the voucher id use it for the two tone white and wood Hemnes bookcase or the Ypperlig dinning table. Not that I already have the money mentally spent or anything…

  121. Iona Jost says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh! Think this suits me perfectly! I love the Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh as there are so many quaint shops and restaurants but it’s also very close to the Meadows which makes you feel like you’re not even in the centre of a busy city in the best way!

  122. Becky says:

    Suited and Booted in Glasgow, checked out some properties in Partick (:

  123. Katie Dubarry says:

    I got suburbanite! I think that’s about right. I like space and a quiet neighbourhood. A nice coffee shop or meal out is lively (what’s a cereal café?? Off to Google!) but if I had all of that on my doorstep I’d probably have no money left ;)

    If I won the vouchers I would use them to buy another Raskog cart for all my craft goodies! And a peg board with all the cute hooks and accessories to hang supplies on the wall in my kitchen (which doubles as my craft space).

    Thought the quiz was really fun!

  124. Fiona Gray says:

    I got leafy bohemian!

  125. Alisa Dempsey says:

    Got Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow, looking to love to Shawlands soon! I’d spend the £100 getting essentials for the place!

  126. Lucy says:

    I got Suburbanite, which suits me as I like to be near amenities but not in the huge hustle and bustle. If I won the vouchers I’d use them to get some furniture for my sister as she’s doing up her bedroom just now.

  127. Emma says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow- that’s us! Love a wee IKEA trip, we’d put the voucher towards doing up our kids bedroom, filling it with more colour and fun!

  128. Drew McCusker says:

    Trendsetter in Dundee!
    Just moved here with my boyfriend, so I’m excited to learn that once in my life (finally sweet gods) im a trendsetter!

  129. Hannah Elizabeth says:

    I got Suburbanite in Edinburgh

  130. Eilidh Copland says:

    I’m a leafy bohemian! Sounds like me but I also like to be near the action or at least a short taxi ride from. Planning a move soon so the vouchers would really help get things to furnish the new place and make it stylish!

  131. Andy says:

    Trendsetter in Glasgow. I suppose it is true in some respect. Having interesting places nearby for coffee and new beers does seem like myself. It.s all about exploring new things all the time! Also, practicality matters a lot when it comes to a flat. Just bought a property so the voucher would be spent on maybe buying a sofa/ coffee table/chairs/loads of plats. The list is long.

  132. Reece says:

    I got Suited & Booted in Glasgow, which makes sense since I moved to work and study here! I’d spend the vouchers on furnishing our unfurnished flat

  133. Katy says:

    TREND SETTER IN GLASGOW ! If I won this voucher I could definitely become one . My fav shop

  134. Chris Beaton says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian! As long as I can see both greenery and cosy coffee shops outside the window of my Victorian tenement, I’m all good :)

    I’ve just moved in to my new place and need heaps of new things, so I’d spend my voucher on all the flat essentials!

  135. Michelle grundy says:

    I got suited n booted. Sounds about right haha

  136. Pepa Chesworth Russell says:

    I got ‘trendsetter’! My new flat is above one of the best greengrocers in town, so I’m looking forward to picking up some fresh food on the way home. Love visiting coffee shops and the like.

    I would spend the vouchers on plants for my new flat. Keeping the space green always creates a good atmosphere!

  137. Karen Moore says:

    Currently stay on a farm, but travel across Glasgow and Lanarkshire for work so need some better transport links. Surbanite suits me as I’m not one for the hustle and bustle of the city 24/7, and like having my own space indoors and out. I’d buy some new funky cushions, a succulent or two and put the remaining money towards a daybed so friends and family can come to stay in my new place!

  138. Becca Pratt says:

    I got “Leafy Bohemian” in Glasgow. Fits me perfectly as I like pretty, homely places that aren’t filled with all the hussle and bustle.
    I’d love to win £100 as I anche currently doing my first flat up on a budget and have see many DIY videos with IKEA furniture and how you can customise it to suit you! Would love to make my flat a little more like “me”

  139. Emma Bryce says:

    Suburbanite in Aberdeen!
    Definitely like to have the shops and town a short walk away but a cosy little place with a little outside space is perfect for me… I live to give my (future) doggo the back garden he deserves!
    Looking to move to an unfurnished flat soon, one step closer to buying our own. So buying furniture to kit the place out would be perfect.

  140. Leafy Bohemian, didn’t need to see any of the other outcomes to know this one was accurate, although probably plastic plants over real ones if I’m going by my track record.

  141. Kirsty says:

    Bohemian in Glasgow ha!

  142. Lee Baillie says:

    Suited & Booted in Edinburgh! I’d love to move to the new town, city life is great

  143. Katie says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian! Which suits me perfectly! My dream house would be a Victorian style home with coffee shops and cafes near by, local shops selling locals produce. I love feeling close to nature but also having easy access to retail parks!
    The voucher would be really appreciate as I am a young student moving out of Home to a new town, I would use the voucher to get new furniture and accessories to decorate my flat!

  144. Sharon Grange says:

    Suburbanite in Dundee. Pretty much guessed that would be the case. Life goals at 32.

  145. Amanda Armstrong says:

    Trend setter in Glasgow

  146. Eva vaclavkova says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh!
    Love that the area that i just bought in came us as suggested for me :)

  147. Jade says:

    Leafy bohemian!

  148. Ryan M says:

    “Trendsetter In Glasgow”

    Which is pretty accurate. Being close to plenty of coffee shops and bars would be ideal. Also, as I’m a student, it’s important for me to have easy access to the city centre.

    I’d use the vouchers for a new desk and chair so I can study at home!

  149. Aimee russell says:

    I’m suited and booted in Glasgow, with a touch of leafy bohemian in me!!

  150. Michael Phillips says:

    Leafy Bohemian!

    I am quite an old-school, young guy (conflicting statements, such smart, many wow!). I love to be surrounded by culture and history, whilst being able to visit small business grocers and retailers for the coolest of cool stuff! Glasgow is the best place for that, which is why I browse S1Homes for the best matches!

  151. Susan Laing says:

    I got suited and booted in Glasgow

  152. Julia Stenhouse says:

    Surburbonite! Would love to live in a place with lots of lovely walks to take my dog. Would spend the vouchers on a new bookcase :)

  153. Rachel Elliott says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Edinburgh!
    You love the feeling of community in your area. You want to be able to buy local, from small, independent businesses. You love open spaces so the park is a hub for you, somewhere you can chill out with your yoga moves and be surrounded by soothing nature. Then you can head home and try that recipe you’ve found for sweet potato muffins.

  154. Apparently I’m a trendsetter.

    I like trends, I like settings things. It must be me.

    Looking to set some trends in a flat my gf and I are buying. Maybe a belfast sink :)

  155. Jm says:

    Trendsetter. Matched me an area where I do stay so I guess that’s kind of accurate.

  156. Carys sharpe says:

    Leafy bohemian in Glasgow love a apartment filled with plants that’s cosy!

  157. Carol says:

    I’m a suburbinite

  158. Leonardo says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Aberdeen, no such thing I thought! Lovely to know I’m breaking the trend.

  159. Claire says:

    I got Trendsetter in Glasgow and looked at the flats in finnieston.

  160. Hazel Mochan says:

    Trendsetter in Glasgow! I might not be moving there but would love to ideally!
    And I think by Trendsetter you totally mean hipster (;

  161. Alex Hamilton says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow! Pretty accurate to be fair :)

  162. Shannon says:

    I’m “Leafy bohemian” in Edinburgh. Pretty accurate to be fair. I live Stockbridge.. I love character and honesty and unique little places to eat and shop. Home should be chilled and happy and a place to read books and explore.

    Ikea vouchers would be a life saver. We’ve lived in out flat for a year and most of our furniture is second hand because we just didn’t have the money. To actually be able to get some stuff that would be truly ours would be amazing!

  163. Mary says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow.

  164. Janice says:

    Leafy bohemian in Glasgow

  165. Laura O says:

    Suited and booted in Edinburgh. Unfortunately New Town is a bit out of my budget range but Haymarket /Dalry is definitely on the radar!

  166. Natalie W says:

    Trendsetter in Dundee.
    Matched me to where I used to love and it was by far my favourite flat I’ve ever had!
    Would love to make my house more of a ‘trendsetter’ property! (And any excuse to goto ikea is a massive bonus)

  167. Chris says:

    I am a leafy bohemian mmmm not sure lol

  168. Beth says:

    Trendsetter in Edinburgh! Pretty spot on!! :)

  169. Claire says:

    Surburbanite in glasgow. Current house is badly needing an upgrade. This would help so much x

  170. Alicia says:

    Suited and booted in glasgow

  171. William Bamford says:

    I got suited and booted in Glasgow – looking forward to moving into my first flat on Friday!!

  172. Colin Bright says:

    Surbanite in Edinburgh!!
    That’s me!

  173. SJ Maguire says:

    “Trendsetter in Glasgow”
    I am moving back to Glasgow in a few weeks after living in London for almost 7 years. So I guess I will be bringing back the trends from the big smoke with me!
    I would use the vouchers to buy a hot dog and an ice cream. One of those big shoe horns because they come in super handy when you’re pregnant. Also, a few more of the Skäggört cushions because they are the one for a comfy sleep. Oh and meatballs with the change.

  174. Lucy keown says:

    Leafy Bohemian, sums up what i like to think of myself!

  175. Laura currie says:


    Description was pretty accurate, we have just sold a one bedroom flat so we are looking with somewhere a bit more spacious with a garden, quiet enough but still close to public transport for nights out and socialising

  176. Charlotte says:

    Suited & Booted in Glasgow!

  177. Kerry H says:

    I got suburbanite in Edinburgh-very accurate! I would love to get a couple of new lamps and bedside tables in IKEA.

  178. Wiebke says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh. Funnily enough when I lived in Edinburgh it was just there. Looks like my taste hasn’t changed much. Too much hussle and bussle stresses me out, so I would love to spend my voucher on something similar to the hammock in one of the questions to relax.

  179. Jasmine says:

    I got “Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow”, which isn’t too far from the truth to be honest

  180. Lea says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow (West End)! This is pretty perfect, since I live in the botanics in Glasgow…I love the homey feel of the area and it’s gorgeously surrounded by nature and light, which I really need. It also suits my lifestyle, which is pretty….alternative? I study opera and sew and bake as hobbies, so the charity shops and organic greengrocers are perfect for finding my materials (and I often sew or bake whilst learning repertoire to help it stick)! If I won, I would spend the money on some furniture that would make my house my home….a set of pantry shelves for my baking supplies, or an organising system for my fabrics or music. It could help me fulfill my Pinterest apartment dreams, with wall-mounted planters and lovely soft furnishings to make it cozy (likely I would add my own spin to it with my sewing skills). La vie bohemian pour toujours!

  181. Kirsty jamieson says:

    I got leafy suburbs in Edinburgh which matches me perfectly as I love the tenements in areas like morningside plus the meadows are always a pleasure.

    I’d love to use the ikea vouchers on some new living room furniture.

  182. Anne says:

    Suited and Booted in Edinburgh. Fairly close. I do love my sleep and to be close to public transport to be able to get into the town easier.
    I would probably aim to put the voucher towards a new bed but have spent it on other things before I got to the bed section.

  183. gabby says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh… petfect! Ive reached that age! Would spend it on accessories for my new look bedroom… my fav room in the house obvs!

  184. Kate says:

    Leafy Bohemian :)

  185. Sarah says:

    Hehe, I got trend-setter in Glasgow! To be fair, I work near finnieston and my boyfriend used to live in dennistoun so it’s not far off! I’d love to be near interesting bars and cafes, so maybe I fit the bill. Fun quiz with thought through questions. I’d spend the vouchers towards a new bed (mine keeps dipping in the middle…)

  186. Ailsa Kemp says:

    I got “suited and booted in Edinburgh” because I am a young professional who wants to stay close to city life! I’m currently looking to purchase my first home in Edinburgh so will need all the help I can get to get all my furniture etc. for my new city pad!

  187. Melissa says:

    Im a suburbanite, location unknown at the moment. Still seseching for the dream location. Highlands that feels far away from everything but actually has everything you need just down the road.

  188. Sara Mackinnon says:

    I got Trendsetter in Edinburgh. Whilst I really like wee pop up shops and cafes I like to think I’m not one of those pretentious coffee types haha

  189. Fiona Mann says:

    Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow!

    Seems pretty accurate, I definitely think it’s important to support local businesses.

    I have just bought my first flat so I would love to spend £100 on indoor plants, something I haven’t budgeted for!

  190. Nicola Harrison says:

    leafy boho in glasgow! very accurate ;)

  191. Kay McAllister says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian in Glasgow – perfect match for me. Love the west end but might have to go south side for cheaper prices!! Would use the voucher for getting things for my first flat with my boyfriend :)

  192. Dee says:

    Suburbanite in Edinburgh : This feels really appropriate as I love the big city cosmopolitan culture of Edinburgh but also love to soak in it’s charm in peace and quiet. A surburban location would be perfection.

    I would use the voucher to furnish and decorate my new home :)

  193. Max Smith says:

    I’m a trendsetter!
    I’d love to make my new flat feel like a home. So comfy furnishings with a splash of colour. Also more cooking aids in the kitchen is always handy and more plates means I can entertain more friends!

  194. Lizzie says:

    I got ‘suited and booted’ in Glasgow! Funnily enough recommended Glasgow Harbor which is currently where I’m flat hunting! I’d spend the £100 voucher on stocking up my kitchen after a pesky flat mate seems to have ruined all my pans and Tupperware…

  195. Marcie says:

    I got leafy bohemian ! My boyfriend and I are searching for our first house and we want somewhere up north, close to Inverness city but with plenty space for the cat and dog. The voucher would help with the cost of our move and any extra bits and bobs we need.

  196. alice says:

    Bohemian Edinburgh! Love it!

  197. Chelsea says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow! – my ideal match! I’d spend the voucher on a bedroom makeover :D

  198. Natalie says:

    I got leafy bohemian!

  199. Ally Scott says:

    I got trendsetter in Glasgow!

    I would spend 100 pounds solely on plants and wine glasses

  200. Stephanie says:

    You don’t want to be around the full hustle and bustle of the city and prefer somewhere you can get a little more space (and a little more peace and quiet) for your money. You want a garden where you can chill out and put a hectic working day behind you. None of this should be at the cost of good local amenities though.

  201. Keren Arlow says:

    Suited & Booted in Edinburgh

    Totally suits me as I live and work in the city centre as student. I would spend the £100 on a new desk and equipment for my home office/studio space. Would be ideal to help me work and study at the same time!!

  202. S.Reid says:

    Suburbanite in Glasgow!

    Bearsden is where it’s at! :)

  203. Zoe Horner says:

    I got leafy bohemian! So true. Cannot what to decorate my new flat with many plants!

  204. Jamie Dow says:

    “Leafy Bohemian” in Glasgow is me down to a t, as I’m a Glasgow uni alumni. I’d spend the money on adding some plants, frames and a rug to my living room to make it feel much more homely – since I started my new career as an English teacher, I’ve been too busy to decorate! This might be the boost I’ve been needing!

  205. Emma Reid says:

    I got Suburbanite Glasgow! So true for me, always like to have my own chilled quiet place! With university starting back soon it will be great to have £100 to spend on a new ‘malm’ desk from ikea !!

  206. Daimen Richards says:

    I am a Suburbanite in Dunfermline!

    I would love these vouchers as they will help us kit out our nursery for our baby due in December :-)

  207. Tabita Harvey says:

    I got Suburbanite in Edinburgh! Which is excellent because that’s the kind of house we just bought.

  208. Suburbanite Glasgow. Love the city but definitely need my quiet time. Would spend on a new kitchen. Fingers crossed

  209. Greig Scott says:

    Suited + Booted in Edinburgh! and to be honest it’s spot on.

    I try to live my best student life in the city and try (emphasis on try) to maintain an aesthetically pleasing flat in central Edinburgh.

  210. Ellen says:

    I got Leafy Bohemian, describes me exactly! My boyfriend and i just bought our first home which we found on s1 homes! We’re out in Penicuik, loving the country life! We’d spend the money on a lovely Persian rug for our living room!