Checklist for renting in a new area


You may be a young professional about to be relocated by work or a student who’s fledged from the family home to college or university. Perhaps you’re a first-time mover discovering a new city?

Whatever your reason might be, renting can offer greater flexibility than owning a property – but it’s still worth putting careful thought into finding somewhere that will suit you perfectly.

Thankfully, s1homes can make this easier, with our top tips on what to check out in your new neighbourhood.


Assess Amenities

This category covers many of those things in life we rely on every day yet often take for granted – everything from local shops and hairdressers to pharmacies and a GP’s surgery. Then there are gyms, art galleries, swimming pools, libraries . . .

So make a list of your needs (such as being near fresh food shops or bakery) and desires (maybe you love to go swimming every day) then make sure your location can match these.



Pinpoint Prices

A look on s1homes will reveal some locations in Scotland are seen as much more desirable than others and, of course, this makes them more expensive to rent in.

Always work out your rental budget before you begin looking for your new home – and don’t forget to add in extra factors such as local council tax rates.

Having a set budget will make it easier not to overstretch yourself but focus instead on the areas where your money will go furthest and get you the best rental deal.


Hit Hotspots

If you’re a fan of dining out or love to meet friends for drinks, ensure life in your new property is much more fun by first checking what’s on offer nearby.

Are there fine restaurants, rustic cafes, traditional pubs or cool bars?

The best – and most fun – way to find out before signing that lease is to spend an evening hitting all of the local hotspots!


Test Transport

Unless you can work from home, chances are you’ll be travelling to work each day. Have you timed the commute by car and taken into account if there’s an early morning rush hour?

Are there trains or buses that would be easy to catch and get you into work on time? Is it possible to cycle?

It’s important not to find a perfect place only to realise in the first week you’re stranded due to a lack of transport options.


Know Neighbours

When it comes to choosing the right location, there’s no place closer to home than your neighbours. But how to know more about them?

First, ask your potential new landlord to see if he can talk to you about the people living in the building and give you some information about their lifestyle (if they are families with children, students, professionals, and if they are home owners or tenants).

Next, if you aren’t shy, simply knock on their door and introduce yourself as a prospective new neighbour: making small talk can tell you lots about people and also they can give you more information about the neighbourhood.

Finally, drive through the neighbourhood late one weekend: is it lovely and quiet or party central?


Of course, for a little bit of help, make sure you use our Property quiz, and after answer 10 quick light-hearted personal preference questions, we will suggest where to live based on your personality.


You can check out rental properties in locations all across Scotland with s1homes.

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