Things to consider when throwing a party in your rental property

Having a crazy party

What will you do when you secure your dream rental from the range of properties on s1homes?

Sit back, relax and enjoy the feeling of being in your own home?

Or maybe you’d like to throw a housewarming party and share this wonderful moment with family and friends?

Well, before you put the fizzy pop on ice there are a few things to consider about organising a soiree in your new place.

To help you, here’s our quick checklist.


Check your agreement

The vast majority of landlords would never dream of interfering with your social life but in some instances there may be certain rules written into your tenancy agreement.

Usually, these will focus on the prevention of damage to the property and prohibiting disruptive behavior, such as excessive noise.

So check out your tenancy agreement and know your rights and responsibilities.


Ensure you’re insured

No-one wants to be left with the calamity of red wine on a white carpet but accidents happen.

While most misadventures can be taken care of by deep cleaning (see below), some breakages can be costly.

Check the small print in your home insurance. If you’ve not specifically covered items – such as expensive ornaments or artwork – make sure these are hidden away in a safe place.

In a furnished rental property, it’s also important to protect sofas and chairs with throws.


Go pro with the Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning service the day after your party might seem a bit much when you can easily tidy up.

However, even though it’s an added expense, this will give you the peace of mind that everything is back to the pristine condition it was when you moved in.


Less is more

Whether you rent a house or a flat it’s best to create a guest list that makes sure everyone feels comfortable and has a place to sit and relax: usually, this means less is more.

Having a manageable number of visitors also removes a lot of potential stress from your evening.


Talk to your neighbours

Get off on the right foot by introducing yourself to your new neighbours. You may even want to invite them to your soiree and get to know them better.

If this isn’t possible, let them know your plans: they’ll appreciate you took the time to give them the heads up.


Timing is everything

When creating your party, set a beginning and end time. This means you always have the option to keep things going but, if you’re ready to call it a night, your guests will know when they’re expected to leave.


Volume control

Keep the noise of music and banter at a level that does not disturb your neighbours. If you live in an apartment building, ask your visitors to be considerate when leaving by talking quietly and not allowing the main entrance door to bang shut.

Finally, if you’re calling taxis to collect guests, tell the taxi company not to beep the horn: most offer a ring back service.


Now, let’s get this party started by looking at the best rental properties on s1homes

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