Things to consider when choosing a solicitor


Whether buying or selling a property, having the right professionals in place to make the process as smooth as possible is essential.

One key player in buying and selling is your solicitor: the brains behind the paperwork. So just what should you look out for when choosing your legal eagle?

Here are our top tips on finding the best partner to make your property dream come true.

Track Record

Being able to show evidence of a trustworthy and transparent service is the best CV a solicitor can ever offer. Perhaps you have friends who have been through the buying or selling process and can recommend someone? Your estate agent may have a trusted partner whom they can vouch for?

However, when you decide to seek out a solicitor, it’s always worth investigating their track record before signing up.

The legal aspects of buying and selling can sometimes be tricky and unique or historic homes may have problematic clauses built into the deal. You need someone who knows exactly how it all works . . . and makes it stress-free for you.



Consider someone who knows – and works in – the local area. It’s worth employing the services of someone who really knows the local environment.

From purely a logistical point of view, too, they’re far more likely to be able to meet you quickly to discuss negotiations or deliver paperwork.



Are you confident in their ability to provide as much information as possible?

No-one wants a solicitor who makes little effort.

On the other hand, do you want a busybody who is so on the ball you feel they’re interfering too much?

It’s vital you find a solicitor who strikes a good balance and understands and respects your needs.



Are you happy with the pricing structure? The most expensive option doesn’t always equal quality. Similarly, the least expensive option doesn’t always mean poor service.

It’s a good idea to get a concise estimate prior to sealing the deal, including any hidden costs such as VAT.

Shop around and compare service quality and prices before you decide.



What are their communication skills like? You really want to engage the services of someone who can get their message across.

Most solicitors can talk the talk in person, but they should also be adept – and super-quick – at corresponding via email, text and telephone.



Be clear about what they will be doing for you. It’s imperative you’re absolutely sure about how your solicitor will assist you during buying or selling. You might be a first-timer or a bit rusty: either way, it’s essential to confirm what level of service you’re actually paying for.


Is the firm accredited?

Ensuring your solicitor and their firm is appropriately accredited is essential. Professional solicitors in Scotland are accredited by the Law Society Scotland. Don’t be afraid or too bashful to confirm their credentials.


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