Time for a change-up?

Renovation of studio room

With the long-awaited reboot of 90s homemaker over show, Changing Rooms, back on our screens, you may be tempted to take inspiration and give your rooms a little makeover. This could be an entire change-up, or simply transitioning your home interior to match with the seasonal change that is just around the corner. Whether you’re looking to rip out and restore, or simply just inject some Autumnal tones into your home, we’ve got some great tips for changing up your rooms.

Make the most of your rooms

Creating multi-functional rooms can be the answer to increasing your living space, making your home feel much bigger, and gives unused rooms purpose. A dining room can be a great selling point for any home buyer, but the reality is that it is one of the least used rooms in the home, with life taking over and dinner times spent in front of the TV instead of round the table. It’s a bad habit, but one that is easy to fall into. One solution is to get rid of the large dining table and instead, replace it with a smaller one that can be folded away or extended when in use. This means the room has more space and could be used as a playroom, second living room or reading nook. Why not add a small sofa bed which allows for more room when you have guests staying over? If that’s not your thing then how about a home gym? Or maybe, like a lot of people, you’re still working from home which looks likely to remain permanent, then maybe it’s time to invest in a proper office desk and chair. If you don’t need a dining room, simply make it into something that works for you.

Transition your home interior

Just like your wardrobe gets a mini makeover every season, your home should transition its look too. This doesn’t necessarily mean investing huge amounts of money on new items, just like your clothes, you can buy key pieces that last longer and can be stored away and brought out again throughout the year.

For the colder seasons it’s all about warmth and feeling cosy in your home. Summer is all about spending time outside and keeping cool, but as the colder and wetter weather approach, our home is somewhere we tend to spend more time in. Simple things like adding more soft furnishings will help, like textured rugs, cushions and throws across your bed and sofa – these come in handy for cosy movie nights too. Accessorising is the key to keeping costs low. Cushions, cushion covers, and throws can be vacuumed pack and stored away and a quick wash will keep them fresh for next time. If you’re limited to colour choices then try adding some different textures instead, like soft velvets and tweed. If you’re swapping out cushions, buy just the cover itself meaning you are simply replacing those and not the full cushion.

Another simple seasonal transition for your home is switching up your home fragrances like candles and diffusers. Replace fresh flowery smells with ones that are more warming, like cinnamon, apple, vanilla and even pumpkin spice.

Wake up your walls

Do your rooms need a big wakeup call and an accessory switch-up just won’t do? Feature walls have been a popular home trend for years, so this simple tip is nothing new to home interior fans, but there are so many different options to try if you’re looking for something more daring than one block colour. Wall panelling is a big trend right now and doesn’t take a DIY expert to do, plus depending on the size of your room, materials can be pretty low cost too.

Colour blocking walls is also very popular at the moment, and not only is it a great way to spice up your walls, it’s also a handy way of using up some leftover paint you may have. It involves outlining shapes or blocks on your walls and painting in various colours. It can be used to create the illusion of a headboard, wrap around your office desk, outlining a dedicated space or area within a room, or adding colour to a shelf display. You can also continue the colour block onto the ceiling to create the illusion of height in a small room. Even adding a splash of colour to your doors and skirting could refresh your rooms on a budget.

Doing a big change-up doesn’t need to cost the earth or require an expert. Maybe it’s time to brush off your DIY skills or try something new?

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