How to conduct the viewing of your property

property viewing

You’re keen to sell your home ASAP and move to your new property? Or maybe you’re preparing to rent out your house or apartment?

Well, with the help of s1homes your property can find itself in prime place to market its plus points to potential buyers and renters.

But, if you’re planning to be a personal tour guide and handle viewings, it’s important to show off your place at its very best.

So, here are our top tips of what to do and not to do!


Hey, good looking

. . . what you got cooking? Oh, please not Granny Ina’s infamous fish and egg curry? There’s a very good reason sellers bake bread and put on a pot of fresh coffee before viewings.

First impressions are vital, and our sense of smell is hugely important, especially when entering an environment for the very first time.

Top tip: Scented candles can mask a multitude of offensive odours but, if you really must cook, make it as appetising and nose-friendly as apple pie.


Pet hates

We all love David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries but few of us would dare get up too close to his co-stars. So, under no circumstances, share your passion for these pets.

Also, when scheduling viewings it’s wise to send your pets to your friends/ family for an hour or two. You may also want to skoosh a little air freshener the rooms.

Top tip: If your potential purchasers turn out to be avid animal lovers, be sure to share information about local pet-friendly facilities, such as the nearby dog-walking park. And show them a picture of Larry as a puppy!


Hide and seek

When presented with a last-minute viewing it can be tempting to rush around the house ‘tidying’ – also known as stashing the clutter of daily life wherever you imagine it won’t be seen.

Sadly, viewers are nosier than Coronation Street’s Norris Cole. So, don’t hide things like unpaid bills or dirty kitchen towels in the oven – buyers will look inside!

Properly decluttering far in advance will also make rooms feel more spacious.

Top tip: when your place is being marketed on s1homes treat it like a showhome. It’s tedious being tidy 24/7 but it pays dividends – and also earns in-house brownie points.



There’s a difference between being openly honest and fulsomely frank. Professional property people such as estate agents know how to bring out the best in a home ­– it’s not at all about glossing over any faults (transparency is very important), but it is about focusing on the positives.

So, when chatting to your viewers, point out perfection but don’t be tempted to volunteer ‘additional information’ – such as the fact Great Uncle Shug died mysteriously in that very armchair, or some nights you can hear the foxes singing to one another.

Top tip: when it comes to viewings your estate agent is a trained professional, which makes their advice well worth listening to.


Now you know what not to do, here’s a what to do: for the best property on the market, industry news and expert guidance be a regular viewer with s1homes.

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