Make your rental home feel like your own

Creating a relaxing environment like no otherHave you recently moved to a new rented property but somehow, you’re not feeling quite at home?

Not to worry, s1homes is here to help!

You may not be able to make big changes, but there are loads of little things you can do to make your house or flat feel more like home sweet home, plus they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Get creative

Before you start painting the walls your favourite colour, speak with your landlord and read the rental contract. If your landlord gives you permission to change the décor, get stuck in! You might find that they will give you some money towards the materials as they’re getting their property updated without having to the do the work themselves. If you don’t get the go ahead, there are other ways to brighten up your home and put your own mark on it. Putting up family photos and your favourite artwork on the walls – with discreet and temporary fixings – can make a room suddenly more appealing and homely, providing eye-catching colour and images. Plus, being surrounded by friendly faces will help you feel much more secure and at ease, especially if you live on your own.

Remember, some landlords don’t like the use of nails in the walls so hanging frames can be difficult, although there are plenty of ‘no nails’ options out there. If hanging frames is a total no-no, removable wall vinyls are on trend right now and you won’t even need nails or drawing pins!

Who’s the smartest of them all?

Yes, it’s you of course, because you know that mirrors positioned in the perfect places – even if simply left leaning against a wall – are a great way for giving the impression of extra space and light in a dark room. Also, don’t be scared to have multiple mirrors in the one room, they can be used for practicality and also as decorative items.

Express yourself

Whatever your taste in décor and design, be sure to split your budget across smaller, purse friendly items but don’t be scared to purchase some larger, investment pieces. Remember, everything can move with you when the time comes. Think freestanding furniture, such as a funky armchair, or vintage items like a suitcase that can be used as a coffee table or a wooden ladder that doubles as a bookshelf. Places like eBay and Gumtree are your friend if you’re not ready to spend too much money but just need some pieces to do you whilst you’re living in your new property. When moving out time comes, you could always offer to leave them behind for your landlord.

Go green

Greenery is a good way to draw the eye away from the neutral wall colours, many rental properties deliberately choose white or cream. Well-placed plants add vibrancy and life to a room – perfect if you’ve brought your favourite potted pals with you. Not ready to take care of a real plant? You can pick up some really nice faux plants these days, minimal effort but maximum reward.

Cheers for souvenirs

Mementoes gathered from schooldays, holidays or from family and friends as gifts will bring back fond memories. And having them positioned around your new property will fill the rooms with your personality.

Soft centres

Chances are your family home or last rental property had a selection of items that made everything feel warm and cosy, such as rugs, throws and cushions. Whilst many tenants will be comfortable having a plain wooden floor or monotone carpet, a favourite rug can add instant style, familiarity and cosiness. And with your own cushions and throws to snuggle into on a winter’s night, there really is no place like home.

Setting the mood

The best way to achieve a cosy feel to your home is to use mood lighting, like scented candles (again check with your landlord), table lamps instead of harsh ceiling lights and adding dimmer switches if that’s an option.

Working from home

You may have found recently that you’ve needed to work from home a little bit more and have had to work with a temporary setup. If it looks like you’ll be working from home on a more permanent basis then why not set up your own little home office or work space. This is easy to do in a rented property by finding a little area, whether that’s having the luxury of a spare room or even just buying a new desk and chair for your bedroom or living room. If you can, try to separate your workspace from your social areas so that when finishing time comes, you can properly switch off at the end of the day.

We are certain these small tips will help you feel at home in your rental property.

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