Rentals: make a wish list before signing

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So you’ve found your dream rental property on s1homes, sorted out sparkling references and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line. Simples!

Whoa there! Have you considered just how much your new landlord may be willing to offer you in extras in order to seal the deal?

Well, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Here are our top five suggestions to go for.

Can I use storage space?

Does your new pad have adequate space to store all your worldly possessions? If there is a loft, cellar, garage or outhouse, ask your landlord if you can make use of this extra space.

If the answer is no, this might not be the right home for you. Either you need to make a stocktake of what possessions you really need to keep or look at a bigger property.

Can I get connected?

To many of us having access to the internet is almost as important in a rental home as having access to water and electricity.

If your new pad is not already Wi-Fi ready, ask if this can be set up.

You’ll find more and more landlords are now offering Wi-Fi as part of rental deals, as they know how much hassle setting up broadband contracts can be, especially for short-term leases.

Can I style my new home?

If you’re a fan of Changing Rooms and feel inspired to get rid of those peach walls in favour of something more jazzy, ask if you can express your creative side.

Some landlords will have no problem with you putting your own stamp on their property, especially if you’re renting long-term.

Others may be reluctant but willing to negotiate which areas can be redecorated.

Can I negotiate the rent?

It’s worth checking out the prices and deals of similar rentals in your new area on s1homes. If there is a price difference, ask if there is room for manouvre on what you’re being asked to pay.

Your landlord might not mind lopping a little off the rent each month for the return they’ll get long-term.

Can I change my service providers?

Ask to have a look at the average cost of bills for the property. Who supplies the current utilities? Everything from gas, electricity and telephone should be considered.  Are these suppliers really offering the best deals for your needs?

If your landlord agrees, switching supplier may be an option and the move could save you money every month.

Following our tops tips will help maximise your rental experience. For more great guides to good living, be sure to be a regular reader of s1homes.

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