Five quick fixes for rental snags

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You can always be certain of finding the best rental properties on s1homes.

Unfortunately, sometimes there will be a niggle that needs sorted before you enjoy 100% happiness in your new home.

From faulty fixtures to cleanliness, we reveal the top five pet peeves that can rub renters up the wrong way . . . and how you – or your landlord – can sort them quickly.


Wintry winds

As summer days grow shorter you might find draughts coming in the windows and doors.

Worry not! Draughty windows can be conquered by using insulation kits. These are readily available in DIY stores and are very easy to use and inexpensive.

For doors, simple draught excluders should help.

If the problem persists, however, it’s time to call your landlord and find a more permanent solution to enjoy a cosy, wind-free living space.


A clean sweep

Unless you have the kind of passion for housekeeping shown by Kim and Aggie from How Clean Is Your House?, you’ll expect to move into a super-clean home. If you open the door to find a messy carpet or the bathroom not disinfected, take pictures and email them to your landlord who should sort this straight away – certainly before you move in your belongings.

Similarly, if a communal stairwell is not regularly cleaned, check what system is in place with the landlord or factor.


Ghastly gardens

If you’re sharing a communal outdoor space, chances are not everyone is green-fingered. Overgrown grass, broken garden furniture and dirty bin areas can be frustrating.

Approach your neighbours about working together to find a solution – simple steps such as devising a rota for grass cutting or taking it in turns to tidy up the rubbish disposal area can make a huge difference.

You might even end up enjoying shared barbecues!


A right dampener

Living in a house that suffers from damp or mould should be tackled as a matter of priority by your landlord.

Until it’s sorted, short-term solutions to prevent further spread include using dehumidifiers, ensuring the house is well ventilated (even in winter) and removing any visible traces of mould.


Broken buzzers

Have you been wondering why no-one showed up to your housewarming party? Yes, a faulty door buzzer can be particularly anti-social.

Thankfully, the humble doorbell isn’t too sophisticated and can be replaced or repaired easily.

Main door buzzers in flats are a different matter, however. For this, your landlord or factor should be your first port of call.


No pet peeve should ever put you off securing your dream rental property. So head on over to s1homes now to check out all our rental properties.

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